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  • Steve Acho: International Rock/Pop Musician and Recording Artist
  • Michelle Aguilar: Season 6 Winner from The Biggest Loser, Author, Inspirational Speaker
  • James Autry: Former Fortune 500 CEO, Leadership and Management Consultant and Author of The Servant Leader
  • Chungliang Al Huang: Philosopher, Musician and Tai Ji Master
  • Arthur Andrews: High-Energy Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Coach
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  • Larry Bailin: Internet Marketing and Social Media Expert, Motivational Business Speaker, CEO and Bestselling Author
  • Joy Baldridge: Motivational Humorist, Sales, Productivity and Change Specialist
  • Ann Louise Bardach: Journalist, Cuba Expert and Author of Cuba Confidential
  • Richard Barrett: Corporate Transformation Expert and Author of Liberating The Corporate Soul, Founder and Chairman, Cultural Values Centre.
  • Bill Benjamin: Emotional Intelligence, Performance and Leadership Expert
  • Chris Blackmore: Interactive Entertainer, Comedian, Magician
  • Christen Brown: Internationally Renowned Presentation and Personal Development Coach
  • S. Max Brown: Director of Leadership at the Shingo Institute, Employee Recognition, Engagement and Leadership Expert, Motivational Business Speaker
  • Kathy Cleveland Bull: Dynamic Speaker and Expert on Change Management and Life Balance
  • Susan Butler: Women's Leadership Expert and Former Accenture Managing Partner
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  • Judy Carter: Humorist Specializing in Stress, Health and Women's Issues
  • Christine Clifford : Top Sales Producer, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Cancer Survivor
  • Nan Crawford: Communication, Creativity And Performance Expert
  • Roger Crawford: "America's Possibility Coach," Physically Challenged Tennis Star, Author and Inspirational Speaker
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Professor of Psychology and Management, Expert on Creativity, Innovation and Managing "Flow"
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  • John Bul Dau: “Lost Boy” of Sudan, Motivational Speaker and Genocide Survivor Featured in the Film God Grew Tired of Us
  • Roger Dawson: America's Premier Business Negotiator
  • Steve Donahue: Narrative Intelligence Expert, Bestselling Author, Sahara Desert Adventurer
  • Felice Dunas: Alternative Health and Sexuality Expert
  • Will Durst: Comedian, Syndicated Columnist, Political Satirist, Commentator
  • Chuck Dymer: Creative Thinking Expert
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  • Susan Fowler: Leadership, Empowerment and Team Building Specialist and Consulting Partner with the Ken Blanchard Companies
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  • Jean Gatz: Employee Development Expert, Author and Inspirational Humorist
  • Jeff Gee: Customer Service and Employee Performance Expert
  • Judy George: Home Furnishing CEO, Entrepreneur, Women's Business Expert and Founder of Domain Home
  • Mark Gerzon: Global Leadership, Mediation and Conflict Resolution Expert
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  • Richard Hadden: Employee Development Expert and Author of Contented Cows Give Better Milk
  • Bill Hawkins: Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach
  • Amy Henry: The "Last Woman Standing" on NBC's hit business reality show, The Apprentice
  • Jeffrey Hollender: Sustainable Business Expert, Environmental Advocate, Activist and Former CEO of Seventh Generation
  • Susan Mangiero, Ph.D. CFA, FRM: Financial Analyst, Risk Assessment and Valuation Expert
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard: Futurist and Advocate of Conscious Social Evolution
  • Bill Herz: Magician and Corporate Entertainer
  • Michael Hugos: Cloud Computing & Technology Expert, CIO, Agile Systems Architect, IT Industry Columnist
  • Arthur Hull: Drummer and Experiential Team Building Facilitator
  • Don Hutson: Sales and Customer Service Expert
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  • Roger Jahnke: Health Systems Futurist and Authority on Multi-Disciplinary Medicine
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Renowned Yogi, Visionary, Guru and Founder of the Isha Foundation
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  • Sam Keen: Philosopher, Author, Consultant and Authority on "Out Of The Box" Thinking
  • Marilyn King: Two-Time Olympian, Peak Performance and Self-Development Expert
  • Beverly Kirkhart: Cancer Survivor and Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Surviving Soul
  • Leslie Kossoff: Renowned Executive Advisor, Strategy and Corporate Turnaround Specialist
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  • Ursula Lamberti: Executive Leadership Coach, Mediator and Corporate Trainer
  • Janet Quinn: Registered Nurse, Associate Professor, Author and Holistic Healer
  • Michael Lerner: Cancer Expert, Environmental Health Specialist and Author of Choices In Healing
  • Jones Loflin: Change Management and Work/Life Balance Expert, Co-Author of Juggling Elephants
  • Lew Losoncy: "Doctor of Encouragement" Author, Motivator and High Energy Expert on Leadership, Attitude and Success.
  • Jennifer Louden: Women's Self Improvement Expert, Coach and Best Selling Author of The Woman's Comfort Book
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  • Charles Marcus: Renowned Success Strategist, Self Empowerment Expert, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • Stephanie Marston M.F.T.: Best Selling Author, Psychologist and Trainer, Specializing in Work/Life Effectiveness and Stress Reduction
  • Jeremy McGhee: Extreme Para-athlete, Inspirational Speaker
  • Albert Mensah: Renowned Motivational Speaker and "Ambassador of Opportunity"
  • Raymond Moody: Mortality Expert and Author of Life After Life
  • Dave Mosby: CEO, Technologist, Visionary, and Author
  • Leilani Munter: Professional Race Car Driver, Model, Environmental Activist
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  • John Naber: Olympic Gold Medal Swimming Champion and Sports Broadcaster
  • Belleruth Naparstek: Renowned Psychotherapist, Author and Pioneer in Guided Imagery
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  • Edward O'Connor: Healthcare Futurist, Professor of Healthcare Management and Leadership
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  • Rex Pemberton: Youngest Australian to Climb Mt Everest & the Seven Summits, Leadership and Team Building Specialist
  • Debra Pestrak: Performance, Motivation and Personal Development Expert
  • Charlie Plumb: Navy Fighter Pilot, Vietnam POW, Author and Motivational Speaker
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  • Janet Quinn: Registered Nurse, Associate Professor, Author and Holistic Healer
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  • Phil Wainewright: Cloud Computing Expert, CEO, Consultant, Business Writer and Industry Speaker
  • Francine Ward: Inspiring Author, Attorney, Motivator and Success Coach
  • Gregg Ward: Diversity Expert, Consultant, Mediator and Interactive Facilitator on Workplace Issues
  • Kymberlee Weil: Strategic Performance Specialist, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Martial Artist, Speaker Coach
  • Beverly Whipple: Renowned Sex Researcher, Educator and Counselor, Professor Emerita, Rutgers University
  • Bowen White: Physician, Medical Clown, Healthcare Consultant and Colleague of Patch Adams
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