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  • Patricia Aburdene: Best Selling Author of Megatrends, Social Forecaster, Strategic Planning and Corporate Transformation Expert
  • Afterburner, Inc.: High Performance Corporate Training By America's Elite Fighter Pilots
  • Tony Alessandra: Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Kevin Allen: Former Advertising Guru, Organizational Growth & Development Professional and Business Author
  • Stacy Allison: First American Woman to Climb Mt. Everest and Peak Performance Expert
  • John Amatt: Mt. Everest Climber and Top Adventure Speaker
  • Barbara De Angelis: Best Selling Author, TV Personality, Renowned Relationship and Personal Development Expert
  • Vernice Armour: America's First African American Female Combat Pilot
  • Lior Arussy: Customer Service Thought Leader and Consultant
  • Kevin Asbjornson: Leadership and Performance Expert
  • Barry Asmus: Author, Economist, Policy Maker
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  • Jay Baer: Top Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, and Marketing Entrepreneur
  • Simon T. Bailey, MA, CSP: "Catalyst for Brilliance," Author, Success Coach
  • Jeff Bauer, PhD: Leading Health Futurist, Author and Medical Economist
  • Amanda Beard: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Motivational Speaker and Model
  • Dick Beardsley: World Class Marathon Runner, Motivational Speaker, Addiction/Dependency Survivor
  • Chip Bell: Customer Service and Management Expert, Author, Consultant
  • Robyn Benincasa: World Champion Adventure Racer, Firefighter, Triathlete and Best Selling Author
  • Russell Bishop: Fortune 500 Leadership and Strategy Consultant, Performance Improvement Expert, Author and Huffington Post Senior Editor-at-Large
  • Lynn Brewer: Renowned Enron Whistleblower, Corporate Ethics Speaker and Creator of the Integrity Index
  • Andy Boynton: Dean, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, Executive Coach, Leadership, Strategy and Innovation Expert
  • Joan Borysenko: Mind/Body/Spirit Expert and Author of Inner Peace for Busy People
  • Dr. Laura Berman - Renowned Sexual Health Expert, Author and TV Host
  • Eduardo Braun: Former Director, The HSM Group, Leadership Expert, Consultant and Moderator
  • Gary Bradt: Organizational Change and Leadership Expert
  • Ed Brodow: Bestselling Author and Business Negotiation Expert
  • Don Brown: Sales, Service and Leadership Expert, Executive Coach and Marshall Goldsmith Co-Author and Trainer
  • Raspyni Brothers: Renowned Comedy Juggling Team
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  • Joe Calloway: Customer Service Expert, Branding Consultant and Best Selling Business Author
  • The Capitol Steps: Nationally Acclaimed Political Satire Troupe
  • Leanne Kaiser Carlson: Healthcare Expert And Futurist
  • Ken Carter: Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and Inspiration for the Movie, Coach Carter
  • Ben Casnocha: Best Selling Author and Tech Entrepreneur
  • Jim Cathcart: "Hall of Fame" Business Motivator, Best Selling Author and High-Value Relationship Expert
  • Adam Christing: Interactive Entertainer, Comedian, Magician
  • Dan Clark: Motivational Life Coach, Author, Teacher, Peak Performance Expert
  • Chris Coffey: Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Distinguished Instructor of the Marshall Goldsmith Behavioral Change Process
  • Curt Coffman: Business Management and Engagement Expert, Workplace Consultant and Best Selling Business Author
  • Herb Cohen: World Renowned Negotiation Expert and Best Selling Author
  • Carlos Conejo: Motivation,Sales and Diversity Expert and Author of Motivating Hispanic Employees
  • Wayne Cotter: Nationally Acclaimed Comedian and Technology Humorist
  • Thomas Crum: Author, Educator, Mind/Body Expert, Peak Performance Coach and Martial Arts Expert
  • Dr. Camilo Cruz: International Best-Selling Author, Renowned Latino Business Coach and Motivational Speaker
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  • Kathleen Daelemans: Celebrity Chef, Best Selling Author of Getting Thin & Loving Food, Health, Nutrition and Weight-Loss Advocate
  • Bob Davies M.ED., CPPC, MCC: Human Performance Expert, Author, Trainer and Coach
  • Ben Decker: Business Communication and Presentation Skills Expert
  • Kelly Decker: Executive Coach, Business Communication and Presentation Skills Expert
  • Tim Decker: Performance Speed Painter, Interactive Entertainer
  • Stephen Denny: Competitive Strategy and Marketing Consultant, Author of Killing Giants
  • Susan Dentzer: Healthcare Policy Analyst, Thought Leader and Journalist
  • Mark DeVolder: Organizational Change and Employee Engagement Specialist
  • Connie Dieken: Best Selling Business Author, Leadership Communication Expert, Multiple Emmy Award Winner, Former Television Journalist
  • John Dolan: Negotiation Expert, Criminal Trial Lawyer, Best Selling Author
  • Mimi Donaldson: Humorist, Negotiation and Communications Expert, Co-Author of Negotiating for Dummies
  • Maddy Dychtwald: Leading Authority on Aging, Generational Marketing, Lifestyle and Trends
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  • Riane Eisler: Bestselling Author, Social Scientist, Macrohistorian and Activist, Authority on the Partnership Model of Leadership
  • Susan Ershler: Everest and Seven Summits Mountaineer, Author, Business and Sales Executive
  • Ryan Estis: Sales Speaker, Author and Former Chief Strategy Officer for McCann Worldgroup
  • Janet Evans: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
  • Nir Eyal: Author, Speaker of Design, Behavioral Economics, and Neuroscience
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  • John Foley: Performance Expert, Former Lead Solo Pilot, U.S. Navy's Blue Angels
  • Jackie Freiberg: Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change
  • Kevin Freiberg: Best Selling Author, Consultant and Expert on Business Best Practices
  • Andy Friedman: Political Affairs Expert and Financial Analyst
  • Gil Friend: Systems Ecology, Sustainability and Business Strategy Expert
  • Patricia Fripp: Executive Speech Coach, Sales Trainer, Speaker and Presentation Skills Expert
  • Juliet Funt: Humorous Productivity and Work/Life Balance Expert
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  • Rowdy Gaines: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer and Sports Broadcaster
  • Gary Getz: Corporate Strategy Expert
  • Yossi Ghinsberg: Master Storyteller, Jungle Adventurer, Author, Advocate for Peace and Environmental Issues
  • Libby Gill: Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Best Selling Author, Former Senior VP, Universal Studios and VP Sony Pictures
  • Joline Godfrey: Financial Expert, Authority on Family Financial Education
  • Nieca Goldberg: Cardiologist and Women's Health Expert
  • Amanda Gore: Australia 's Leading Humorist and Stress Management Expert
  • Stedman Graham: CEO, Best Selling Author, Educator and Businessman
  • Andrew Grant: Creative Thinking & Innovation Expert. Author of "Who Killed Creativity?" and "How Can We Get It Back?"
  • Jeremy Geelan: Cloud Computing Expert & Authority on Internet of Things, Software Infrastructure Executive and Conference Chair, IoT Expo
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  • Mark Victor Hansen: Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series
  • Adam Hartung: Disruptive Innovation Expert, Business Author, Consultant
  • Jeff Havens: Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author and Founder of The Jeff Havens Company
  • Bill Hawkins: Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach
  • Andrew Hazen: Founder & CEO, Prime Visibility, Internet Marketing Expert
  • Hazel Henderson: Futurist, Author and Sustainable Development Expert
  • Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks: Best Selling Authors, Conscious Living and Relationship Experts
  • Les Hewitt: Top Performance Coach, Business Speaker and Author of The Power of Focus
  • Dennis Hightower: Former Deputy Commerce Secretary, Top Business Executive, CEO and Professor of Management, Harvard Business School
  • Brian Holloway: Five-Time NFL All-Pro, Motivation and Team Building Expert
  • Maya Hu-Chan: Global Leadership and Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Cross-Cultural Business Skills Expert
  • Alex Hunter: Former Head of Virgin Online, Branding and Marketing Speaker, Digital Ninja
  • Mark Huselid: Professor of HR Strategy, Rutgers University and Co-Author of The HR Scorecard
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  • John Izzo: Thought Leader on Organizational Development, Leadership and Employee Engagement
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  • Whitney Johnson: Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Author, Business Advisor
  • Robert Jolles: Sales, Negotiation and Presentation Expert, Best Selling Author
  • Willie Jolley: Leading Motivational Speaker, Author and Entertainer
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  • Richard Laermer: Marketing, Advertising, Branding and PR Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
  • Leland Kaiser: Renowned Health Care Futurist, Intuitive and Organizational Consultant
  • Jeff Kaplan: Cloud Computing Expert, Technology Consultant and Industry Speaker
  • Sarano Kelley: Motivational Speaker, Television Host and Life Coach
  • Cynthia Kersey: Author, Success Coach and Expert on Performance and Achieving Breakthrough Goals
  • Omar Khan: Global Leadership Expert, Author and Consultant
  • Craig Kielburger: Social Activist, Author and Founder of Free the Children
  • Marc Kielburger: Social Activist, Author and Founder of Free the Children
  • Scott Klososky: Technology Futurist, CEO and Author

  • Robert Kriegel:Bestselling Author, Coach, Psychologist and Expert on Human Performance, Best Practices and Innovation
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  • Polly LaBarre: Founding Member, Fast Company Magazine, Best Selling Business Author, Co-Founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX)
  • Richard Laermer: Marketing, Advertising, Branding and PR Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
  • James Lafferty - CEO British-American Tobacco Corporation, Former CEO, Coca-Cola, West Africa and Former President, Procter & Gamble, Philippines.
  • Dr. Janet Lapp: Rapid Change Management and Organizational Transformation Specialist
  • Vicki Lawrence: Singer, Comedienne, Star of Mama's Family and The Carol Burnett Show
  • Richard Leider: Executive Coach, Personal Growth Expert and Author
  • Adam Leipzig: Award-Winning Disney and National Geographic Executive, Producer, Author and Publisher
  • Jason Lezak: Four-Time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
  • Mike Lipkin: Motivational Performance and Persuasion Expert
  • Doug Lipp: Customer Service, Leadership and Global Competitiveness Expert
  • Nastia Liukin: Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast
  • Giovanni Livera: Magician, Motivator and Author
  • Glenn Llopis: Hispanic Business Thought-Leader, Author, Entrepreneur
  • Michael Loftus: Comedian, TV Host and Comedy Writer, Anger Management, The George Lopez Show
  • Dave Logan: Best Selling Author, USC Leadership and Management Professor
  • Andy LoRusso: "The Singing Chef" Celebrity Chef, Author, Entertainer
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  • Gary Malkin: Emmy Award-Winning Composer, Creativity Expert and Immersive Experience Strategist/Performer
  • Susan Mangiero, Ph.D. CFA, FRM: Financial Analyst, Risk Assessment and Valuation Expert
  • James Mapes: Imagination & Creativity Expert, Peak Performance Coach, Author of Quantum Leap Thinking
  • Henry Mason: Authority on Identifying Global Consumer Trends
  • Cam Marston: Intergenerational Expert, Author and Consultant
  • Seth Mattison: Expert on Workforce Trends and Generational Dynamics
  • Thornton May: Technology Futurist, Author and Educator
  • David McCandless: Information Designer, Author
  • Catherine McCarthy: Expert on Peak Performance, Leadership and Teamwork Under Adversity
  • Joseph Michelli, PhD: Best Selling Author of The Starbucks Experience, Customer Service Expert and Organizational Consultant
  • Dan Millman: Bestselling Author, Athlete, Coach, Philosopher and Human Potential Expert
  • W. Mitchell: Motivational Speaker and Author of It's Not What Happens To You - It's What You Do About It
  • Ian Morrison, Ph.D., MA: Healthcare Futurist, Author and Consultant
  • Jim Morris: Athlete, Author, Teacher and Inspiration for the Movie, The Rookie
  • Art Mortell: Sales and Peak Performance Expert and Author of World-Class Selling
  • Annette Moser-Wellman: Strategic Creativity Expert and Author of The Five Faces Of Genius
  • Mike Mullane: Space Shuttle Astronaut, Author and Educator
  • Betsy Myers: Women’s Business and Leadership Expert, Author, Former Senior Political Advisor
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  • Relly Nadler: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Author of Leaders' Playbook
  • Jamie Naughton: Chief of Staff at Zappos
  • Bob Nelson: Employee Motivation, Reward and Recognition Expert
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  • Karim Rashid: Acclaimed Cultural and Industrial Designer, Creativity and Innovation Speaker
  • Freddie Ravel: Keynote Maestro, Internationally Acclaimed Musical Artist and Founder of Human Harmonics
  • Michael Ray: Creativity and Innovation Scholar
  • Mike Rayburn: "The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso" Adventurer, Author, Philanthropist
  • Alf Rehn: Professor of Management, Futurist, Creativity Expert, Business Innovator
  • Kenneth Rethmeier: Expert on Learning Organizations, Performance Execution and Health Care Systems
  • Pat Richie: Corporate Team-Builder and High Performance Leadership Expert
  • Steve Rizzo: Comedian, Humorist and Personal Growth Expert
  • Monty Roberts: World Famous “Horse Whisperer” Best Selling Author and Behavioral Communication Expert
  • Michael Rogers: "Practical Futurist," Technologist and Author
  • Aaron Ross: Best Selling Author of Predictable Revenue, Business Advisor
  • Dick Ruhe: Leadership, Change, Quality and Team Building Specialist and Ken Blanchard Co.'s Sr. Consulting Partner
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  • Jeff Salz: Global Explorer, Anthropologist, Mountaineer, Author and TV Personality
  • Mark Samuel: Expert on Accountability and Performance Execution and Author of The Accountability Revolution
  • Tom Sant: "America's Foremost Practitioner of Proposal Writing," Sales and Presentation Skills Expert
  • Terry Savage: Personal Finance Expert, Syndicated Columnist and Investment and Market Commentator on CNN, CNBC and PBS
  • The Second City: Renowned Improvisational Comedy Troupe
  • Patricia Seemann: CEO, Consultant and Expert on Executive Performance and Leadership
  • Ross Shafer: TV Host, Comedian, Business Motivator, Author and Consultant
  • Stephen Shapiro: Innovation Evangelist and Business Author

  • Dr. Linda Sharkey: Business Strategist, HR Executive and Fortune 10 Talent Development Expert
  • Jim Shea, Jr.: Olympic Gold Medal Skeleton Champion and Personal Development Expert
  • Inder Sidhu: Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning for Worldwide Operations at Cisco, Business Author
  • Mark Simmons: Marketing, Advertising and Creativity Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
  • Terri Sjodin: Public Speaking, Sales and Presentation Skills Expert
  • Norm Smallwood: Leadership Development and Human Resource Expert
  • Hyrum Smith: FranklinCovey Co-Founder, Values-Based Time and Change Management Expert Expert
  • Admiral Ray Smith: Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret.) Navy SEAL Commander, Leadership and Peak Performance Expert
  • Ross Smith: Director of Test - Microsoft, Author, Thought-Leader, Innovator
  • Sung Won Sohn, PhD: Renowned Economist, Vice Chairman Forever 21 and California State University Economics Professor
  • Fran Solomon: Specialist in Fun At Work, Teams and Stress Management
  • Lisa Kay Solomon: Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Professor of Innovation, Strategist to the Fortune 1000
  • Robert Spector: Foremost Authority on the Nordstrom Culture, Best Selling Author and Customer Service Expert
  • John Spence: Business Advisor, Executive Coach, Management, Strategy and Performance Expert
  • Tom Spitale: Customer Relationship Management Expert
  • Mark Spitz: Legendary Olympic Gold Medal Swimming Champion
  • Laura Stack: Productivity and Performance Expert, Best Selling Author
  • Michael Bungay Stanier, BA, LLB, M.Phil, CPCC: Motivational Productivity Expert, Consultant and Facilitator
  • Robert Stevenson: Motivational Business Speaker and Sales Expert
  • Jill Blashack Strahan: Founder & CEO, Tastefully Simple, Inc.
  • Kerri Strug: Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast
  • Janet Switzer: Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Small Business Success and Marketing Expert
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  • Marilyn Tam: Former CEO of Aveda, Senior Executive at Nike and Reebok, Executive Coach, Productivity, Leadership and Diversity Expert
  • Joseph Teti: Military and Government Special Operations Veteran, Co-Star of Discovery’s Dual Survival
  • Shaun Tomson: World Champion Surfer, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker on Empowerment, Peak Performance and Positive Values
  • Robert Tucker: Innovation Expert and Author of Driving Growth Through Innovation
  • Bruce Tulgan: Intergenerational Workplace Leadership, Performance and Management Expert, Best Selling Business Author
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  • Courtney B. Vance: Award-Winning Actor, Author
  • Amy Van Dyken: Olympic Gold Medal Champion Swimmer
  • Peter Vidmar: Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast and Motivational Expert
  • Ed Viesturs: America's Foremost High-Altitude Mountaineer
  • Kate Vitasek: World’s Authority on Highly Collaborative Relationships That Drive Innovation; Author of Five Books on Vested, Win-Win Relationships; Faculty University of Tennessee

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  • The Water Coolers: Satirical Musical Comedy Troupe
  • Matt Weinstein: Fun-At-Work And Team Building Specialist 
  • Kate White: Former Editor-In-Chief, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • Pat Williams: Senior Vice President of the NBA's Orlando Magic
  • Jason Womack: Workplace Productivity & Performance Expert and Coach
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  • Don Yaeger: Bestselling Author, Journalist, Former Sports Illustrated Editor, Media Coach and Cancer Survivor
  • Chris Yeh: Entrepreneur, Writer, and Mentor
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  • Peter Zeihan: Geopolitical Analyst and Global Economic Expert