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  • Lee Abrams: XM Satellite Radio Founder, Media Executive, Innovator and Pioneer
  • Shawn Achor: Positive Psychology Expert, Author of The Happiness Advantage
  • David Allen: Productivity Expert & Author of Getting Things Done
  • Sekou Andrews: Inspirational Artist, Playwright, Actor and Musician
  • Lior Arussy: Customer Service Thought Leader and Consultant
  • Jennifer Ashton, MD: Women's Health Expert, Ob-Gyn, Surgeon, Author, Medical Correspondent and TV Co-Host of The Doctors
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  • Samuel B. Bacharach, PhD: Cornell Business Professor, Author, Leadership Expert

  • Dr. Robert Ballard: World's Foremost Undersea Explorer, Archaeologist, Author, Pioneer
  • Joy Bauer: Leading Nutrition Authority, Best-Selling Author, Columnist and Today Show Contributor
  • Bertice Berry: Sociologist, Best-Selling Author, Comedienne, and Educator
  • Les Brown: Renowned Motivational Expert, Author and Television Personality
  • Daniel Burrus: World Renowned Futurist, Technology Expert and Author of Technotrends
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  • Robert Cialdini, PhD: Professor of Psychology and Marketing, Bestselling Business Author and Expert on Persuasion, Compliance and Negotiation
  • Jack Canfield: "America's Success Coach," Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Secret, Peak Performance Expert
  • Chris Carmichael: Lance Armstrong's Premiere Coach & Peak Performance Expert
  • Domenica Catelli: Celebrity Chef, Best Selling Author, Organic Food, Health and Nutrition Advocate
  • Tom Chappell: Former CEO, Tom's of Maine, Entrepreneur, Environmental Activist, Founder of Ramblers Way Farm and Author of Managing Upside Down
  • Subir Chowdhury: Renowned Thought-Leader on Quality and Management, Best Selling Business Author
  • Gerald Coffee: Inspirational Speaker, Celebrated Naval Officer and Former Prisoner of War
  • Chip Conley: Business Author, Founder & CEO of Joie De Vivre Hospitality
  • Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD: Expert on Disruptive Demographics, Director of the MIT AgeLab

  • Stephen M.R. Covey: Best-Selling Author of The Speed of Trust, Top Business Advisor and Thought Leader on Ethics, Trust and Leadership
  • Pat Croce: Renowned Motivator, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur
  • Jim Crupi: Strategic Leadership Expert
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  • John A. Davis: Harvard Business Professor, Family Business Expert, Leading Financial Advisor
  • Jeff DeGraff, PhD: “The Dean of Innovation,” Business Professor, Consultant and Author
  • Janine Driver: Body Language Expert, New York Times Best Selling Author
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  • Herman Edwards: Former NFL Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets, ESPN Analyst
  • Linda Ellerbee: Award-Winning Journalist, Television Producer, Best-Selling Author and Cancer Survivor
  • Chester Elton: Best Selling Business Author, Speaker, Recognition Consultant and Co-Creator of The Carrot Principle
  • Mike Eruzione: Lake Placid U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Captain
  • Philip Evans: Big Data Expert, Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG Consulting
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  • Steve Farber: Business Leadership Expert, Author, Coach and Consultant
  • Martin Feldstein: Harvard Economics Professor, Chief Economic Advisor to the Reagan Administration and President Emeritus of the National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Peter Fingar: Cloud Computing & Technology Expert, Thought-Leader, Bestselling Author
  • Sydney Finkelstein, PhD: Dartmouth Professor of Management, Leadership and Strategy Expert, Best Selling Business Author
  • Tom Flick: Former NFL Quarterback & Authority on Leadership, Leading Change and Increasing Performance
  • Gil Friend: Systems Ecology, Sustainability and Business Strategy Expert
  • Stewart Friedman, PhD: Wharton Professor of Management, Author, Leadership Development and Work/Life Integration Expert
  • Joe Flower: Healthcare Futurist and Author
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  • Tim Gallwey: Sports Psychologist and Master of The Inner Game of Life And Business
  • Ron Garan: Space Station & Shuttle Astronaut, Aquanaut, Test & Fighter Pilot, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian
  • Michael Gelb: Innovation and Creativity Expert and Author of How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci and Innovate Like Edison and Innovate Like Edison
  • Jeffrey Gitomer: Sales and Customer Service Expert, Chief Executive Salesman
  • Marshall Goldsmith, PhD: Renowned Executive Coach, Business Author, Thought-Leader, Management and Leadership Expert
  • Jon Gordon: Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker
  • Adrian Gostick: Best Selling Business Author, Speaker, Recognition Consultant and Co-Creator of The Carrot Principle
  • Vijay Govindarajan: Dartmouth International Business Professor, Strategy and Innovation Expert, Director of the Tuck Center for Global Leadership
  • John Gray: Author of Bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
  • Joseph Grenny: Bestselling Business Author of Crucial Conversations, Recognized Entrepreneur and Expert on Leadership, Influence and Communication
  • Jack Groppel: Peak Performance Expert and Author Of The Corporate Athlete
  • Peter Guber: Renowned Entertainment Executive and CEO, Entrepreneur, # 1 Best Selling Author, Sports Franchise Owner of the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Dr. Anil K. Gupta: Professor of Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Business Author and Thought-Leader on Strategy and Globalization
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  • David Hale: Global Economist and Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies
  • Darren Hardy: Publisher & Editorial Founder of SUCCESS Magazine
  • Kevin Harrington: Cast Member of ABC's Shark Tank, CEO, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Margaret Heffernan: CEO, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post Columnist and Author
  • Cameron Herold: Author & CEO Coach
  • Peter Hinssen: Cloud Computing & Technology Expert, Thought Leader & IT Strategist
  • John Hofmeister: Former Shell Oil President, Founder and Chief Executive of Citizens for Affordable Energy
  • Rich Horwath: Strategic Thinking and Leadership Expert, Best Selling Author of Deep Dive
  • Mark Hurst: Author, Speaker, Pioneer of the Customer Experience Discipline
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  • Mark Jeffries: Communication Consultant, Presentation Coach, Emcee and Moderator
  • Bruce Jenner: Iconic Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon Champion
  • Jason Jennings: Best Selling Business Author, Expert on Leadership and Productivity
  • Daymond John: FUBU Clothing Founder, Urban Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, Marketing and Branding Expert, Shark Tank Reality TV Judge, Motivational Speaker
  • Whitney Johnson: Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Author, Business Advisor
  • Dewitt Jones: National Geographic Photographer & Authority on Creativity
  • Terry Jones: Founder of and Founding Chairman of, Innovation Expert
  • Naomi Judd: Celebrated Country Singer, Author and Spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation
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  • Sarano Kelley: Motivational Speaker, Television Host and Life Coach
  • Jim Kelly: NFL Hall-of-Fame Quarterback
  • Noah Kerner: Gen Y, Brand Development, Marketing and Product Innovation Expert
  • Brett King: Strategic Financial Advisor and Best Selling Author of Bank 2.0
  • Mira Kirshenbaum: Bestselling Author, Therapist and Relationship Expert
  • Daniel Kraft: Healthcare Futurist and Technology Speaker, Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur and Innovator
  • Nirmalya Kumar, PhD: London Business School Professor of Marketing, Author and Thought Leader

  • Bill Kurtis: Renowned Journalist, TV Host, Documentarian, Author and Spokesman
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  • Dr. John La Puma:Physician, Celebrity Chef, Best Selling Author and Host of Lifetime's Chef MD
  • Steve Largent: NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver, Four-Term US Congressman, Wireless Association CEO
  • Loretta LaRoche: Renowned Humorist, Stress Management Expert and Star of Emmy-Winning PBS Specials
  • Tan Le: Innovative Technology Entrepreneur
  • Patrick Lencioni: Best Selling Business Author, Leadership, Management and Team Development Expert
  • Gerd Leonhard: Futurist, Author, CEO of The Futures Agency
  • Charlene Li: New York Times Best Selling Author of Open Leadership and Groundswell, Thought Leader on Strategy, Leadership and Interactive Technology
  • Lisa Ling: International Journalist, National Geographic and Oprah Correspondent
  • Peter Linneman, PhD: Top Real Estate Industry Strategist and Thought Leader, Professor of Real Estate, Finance, Business and Public Policy, Wharton School of Business
  • Jim Loehr: Peak Performance Expert and Co-Author of The Power Of Full Engagement
  • Joan Lunden: Former Host of Good Morning America, Award-Winning Journalist and Author
  • Dr. Susan Love: Breast Cancer Expert, Best Selling Author and Women's Health Advocate
  • Stephen Lundin: Best Selling Author of Fish! and Organizational Culture Expert
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  • Vikram Mansharamani, PhD: Global Equity Investor, Author, Yale Lecturer, Tiger 21 Scholar
  • John Mattone: Renowned international leadership, talent & culture authority, best-selling author and thought leader, executive coach
  • Martin McCourt: Former CEO, Dyson Ltd.
  • William McDonough: Renowned Architect and Sustainable Development Expert
  • Rita McGrath, PhD: Associate Professor of Management, Columbia Business School, Strategic Growth and Change Expert
  • Les McKeown: Business Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist and Advisor to the Fortune 1000
  • Hamish McRae: Renowned World Economist, Journalist, Author and Futurist
  • Kevin Mitnick: Cyber Security Expert, Consultant to Fortune 500 and Global Governments
  • Ian Morrison, Ph.D., MA: Healthcare Futurist, Author and Consultant
  • John W. Mullins, PhD: Business Thought-Leader, Associate Professor of Management Practice, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
  • Mike Myatt: "America's Top CEO Coach" and Fortune 500 Leadership Advisor
  • Caroline Myss: Pioneer in the Field of Energy Medicine and Author of Sacred Contract
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  • Todd Newton: Television Host, Life Coach, Master of Ceremonies
  • Lisa Nichols: Best Selling Author, Motivator, Coach, Teacher & The Secret Contributor
  • Dr. David P. Norton: Renowned Management and Strategy Thought-Leader, Co-Creator of The Balanced Scorecard
  • Deborah Norville: Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Author, Host of Inside Edition
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  • Dean Ornish: Renowned Health, Diet and Nutrition Expert
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  • Vince Papale: Legendary NFL Player, Cancer Survivor and Inspiration for the Movie Invincible
  • Pamela Peeke: Health, Nutrition and Exercise Expert
  • Don Peppers:Expert In Customer Relations and Co-Author of One To One Future
  • Jeffrey Pfeffer: Stanford Business Professor, World Renowned Management, Leadership and HR Scholar
  • Vince Poscente: Peak Performance Strategist, Author, Olympian
  • Howard Putnam: Former CEO of Southwest and Braniff Airlines
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  • Erik Qualman: Author of Socialnomics and Social Media and Technology Expert
  • Nido Qubein: Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co., University President, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Business Leader
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  • Neil Rackham: Sales and Marketing Expert and Author of SPIN® Selling
  • Navi Radjou: Innovation & Leadership Strategist to the Fortune 1000
  • Bill Rancic: Winner of The Apprentice, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur
  • Marc Randolph: Netflix Co-Founder, Executive Mentor and Angel Investor
  • Tom Rath: #1 New York Times Best Selling Author on Wellbeing and Organizational Leadership
  • Jeremy Rifkin: Leading Global Technologist, Futurist and Authority on World Economic and Environmental Trends
  • Cheryl Richardson: Personal Transformation Expert and Author of Life Makeovers and Creating An Abundant Life
  • Charlotte Roberts: Executive Consultant and Expert On Learning Organizations and Total System Change
  • Chi Chi Rodriguez: Golf Legend
  • Martha Rogers: Expert In Customer Relationships and Co-Author of TheOne To One Fieldbook
  • Robert Rotella: World's Foremost Sports Psychologist, Golf Guru, Author and Peak Performance Expert
  • Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger: Celebrated Notre Dame Football Hero, Subject of Hollywood Film Rudy, & Renowned Inspirational Speaker
  • Richard Rumelt: Renowned Strategy Thought Leader, Business Professor and Author
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  • Mark Sanborn: Leadership Development Expert, Speaker, Consultant and Author of The Fred Factor
  • Tony Schwartz: Peak Performance Expert and Co-Author of The Power Of Full Engagement
  • Brian Scudamore : Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, and You Move Me
  • Peter Sheahan: Internationally Recognized Thought Leader and Author on Innovation, Behavior Change and Exploiting Business Trends and New Market Opportunities
  • Bernie Siegel: Renowned Physician and Advocate for Chronic Illness Patients
  • Peter Sims: Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur
  • Geoff Smart, Ph.D.: Co-Creator of Topgrading and Leadership Advisor to Billionaires, Boards, and CEOs
  • Steven Smith: Leadership, Team Dynamics and Communication Expert, Co-Author of Egonomics
  • Paul Stoltz: World's Leading Expert and Consultant on Resilience and Creator of the Adversity Quotient®
  • Randy Street: Best Selling Author, Hiring and Retention Expert
  • Julia Sweeney: Comedian, Actress, Former Saturday Night Live Cast Member and Cancer Survivor
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  • Marco Tempest: Cyber-Illusionist, Tech Innovator, Magician, Corporate Entertainer
  • Mark Thompson: Best Selling Business Author, Entrepreneur, Venture Investor and Executive Leadership Coach
  • Josh Tickell: Acclaimed Thought Leader, Speaker and Filmmaker on Alternative Energy, Biofuel and the Environment
  • Michael Treacy, PhD: Growth & Innovation Expert, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author
  • Chris Trimble: Dartmouth Associate Business Professor, Noted Author and Expert on Innovation
  • Robert Tucker: Innovation Expert and Author of Driving Growth Through Innovation
  • Bruce Tulgan: Intergenerational Workplace Leadership, Performance and Management Expert, Best Selling Business Author
  • Hunter Tylo: Renowned TV Actress and Child Activist
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  • David Ulrich: Univ. of Michigan Business Professor and Leading Authority on HR
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  • Robert Wachter, MD: Professor of Medicine, Hospitalist, Author, Healthcare Futurist
  • Watts Wacker: World Renowned Futurist, Author, Social Commentator and Provocateur
  • Erik Wahl: Graffiti Artist, Creativity Expert, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur
  • Neale Donald Walsch: Bestselling Author of Conversations With God and Renowned Authority on Spirituality
  • Mike Walsh: Futurist, Innovation and Technology Speaker and Authority on Emerging Markets
  • Meg Wheatley: Renowned Leadership Futurist and Organizational Development Expert
  • Marianne Williamson: Renowned Authority on Spirituality and Metaphysics and Author of Everyday Grace
  • Dave Winfield: Baseball Hall of Fame Legend, Commentator and Leadership Expert
  • Larry Winget:"The Pitbull of Personal Development", Best-Selling Author and No-Nonsense Motivator
  • Andrew Winston: Green Business Expert, Environmental Advocate and Best Selling Author
  • Liz Wiseman: Executive Strategy and Leadership Consultant, Advisor and Best Selling Author of Multipliers
  • Susie Wolff: Formula One Race Car Driver, Motivational Speaker
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  • Juan Zarate: Former Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism
  • Gary Zukav: Best Selling Author, Healer, Oprah Contributor