Jeff Bauer, PhD

Jeff Bauer, PhD

Leading Health Futurist, Author and Medical Economist

Speaking Topics

  • Future of Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Healthcare Reform/Policy
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Business of Healthcare
  • Innovation

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  • IL

Speaker's Fee Range

    $10,001 - $20,000

Jeff Bauer, PhD

Jeffrey C. Bauer's Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Dr. Jeffrey C. Bauer is a nationally recognized health futurist and medical economist. He is a Chicago-based partner in a management consulting practice, providing outsourcing, information technology and business solutions to the health care industry. In his numerous publications and presentations, Jeffrey Bauer forecasts the future of health care and describes practical, creative approaches to improving the health care delivery system and demonstrates proven skills for preparing health care leaders to approach the future proactively.

You hit a home run! Your 30,000 foot view was exactly what the Board needed. We'd like to work more with you in the future. I know you can help us with our strategies.

- Health System CEO

Dr. Jeffrey C. Bauer has published more than 150 articles, books, Web pages, and videos on health care delivery. He speaks frequently to national audiences about key trends in health care, medical science, technology, reimbursement, information systems, public policy, and creative problem-solving. Dr. Bauer is quoted often in the national press and writes regularly for professional journals that cover the business of health care.

Jeff Bauer's latest book is Paradox and Imperatives in Health Care: How Efficiency, Effectiveness, and E-Transformation Can Conquer Waste and Optimize Quality. Dr. Bauer's three previous books are Telemedicine and the Reinvention of Health Care: The Seventh Revolution in Medicine, Not What the Doctor Ordered and Statistical Analysis for Health Care Decision-Makers: Understanding and Evaluating Critical Information in a Competitive Market. He is currently beginning a new book on forecasting techniques and managing uncertainty.

As a consultant, Jeff Bauer assists hospitals and other provider organizations with leadership education, strategic planning and visioning, technology assessment and service line transformation. His ongoing consulting work includes managing technology assessment for a 28-hospital health system, analyzing performance of clinical service lines, and developing strategic plans for hospitals and professional associations. In 2005, Dr. Bauer facilitated an expert task force on the future of selected specialties for one of the nation's largest medical associations and supported strategic market assessments for two of the world's largest imaging technology companies.

More About Jeff Bauer . . .
Jeffrey C. Bauer was a full-time teacher and administrator at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver (1973-1984). He held full-time academic appointments as Associate Professor in the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and administrative appointment as Assistant Chancellor for Planning and Program Development. Dr. Bauer served concurrently as Health Policy Adviser to Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm (1980-1984).

Jeff Bauer also worked as a visiting clinical professor in the Administrative Medicine Program at the Medical School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he taught physician executives how to evaluate research reports and other published studies. Additionally, Dr. Jeffrey Bauer was a Senior Fellow at the Center for the New West in Denver. His previous consulting firm specialized in consumer-focused strategic planning for developing clinical affiliation agreements and multi-hospital networks.

Jeffrey C. Bauer received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder. He graduated from Colorado College in Colorado Springs with a B.A. in economics and completed a certificate in political studies at the University of Paris (France). During his academic career, Jeff Bauer was a Boettcher Scholar, a Ford

Foundation Independent Scholar, a Fulbright Scholar (Switzerland), and a Kellogg Foundation National Fellow.

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What People Are Saying

"Dynamic and thought-provoking... your comments challenged our audience and discussions of your message continued throughout the rest of the meeting."

- California Association of Nurse Practitioners

"Dr. Bauer is an excellent resource, with outstanding knowledge in information technology."

- The Goverance Institute Leadership Conference

"We strive every year to make the Technology Summit's content not only provide our clients and guests with the latest information in the healthcare field, but to provoke an exchange of ideas and thoughts on the future of our field. Your speech certainly helped us achieve that goal this year."

- Florida Technology Summit

"Excellent. I wish I'd had Dr. Bauer as my economics professor."

- HFMA Indiana