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Change InnovationEngage. Empower. Inspire. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear, anger and complacency pervade the workplace. BigSpeak Speakers Bureau is your top resource for inspirational speakers who have overcome extreme adversity, conquered insurmountable obstacles and can engage, re-energize, and motivate your people. BigSpeak's renowned team of inspirational speakers and motivational speakers and are masters at not only creating and igniting, but maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to achieve and succeed within your organization.


"Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are."

- Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

  • Michelle Aguilar: Season 6 Winner from The Biggest Loser, Author, Inspirational Speaker
  • Amanda Beard: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Motivational Speaker and Model
  • Dick Beardsley: World Class Marathon Runner, Motivational Speaker, Addiction/Dependency Survivor
  • Carol Grace Anderson: Motivational Speaker and Author of Get Fired Up Without Burning Out!
  • Arthur L. Andrews: High-Energy Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Coach
  • Simon T. Bailey, MA, CSP: "Catalyst for Brilliance," Author, Success Coach
  • Les Brown: Renowned Motivational Expert, Author and Television Personality
  • Jack Canfield: "America's Success Coach," Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Secret, Peak Performance Expert
  • Dan Clark: Motivational Life Coach, Author, Teacher, Peak Performance Expert
  • Christine Clifford : Top Sales Producer, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Cancer Survivor
  • Gerald Coffee: Inspirational Speaker, Celebrated Naval Officer and Former Prisoner Of War
  • Barbara Corcoran: Real Estate Mogul, Entrepreneur, Author, Shark Tank Reality TV Judge
  • Roger Crawford: "America's Possibility Coach," Physically Challenged Tennis Star, Author and Inspirational Speaker
  • Pat Croce: Renowned Motivator, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur
  • Bob Danzig: Corporate Executive, Author, Business Leader, Philanthropist and Personal Development Expert
  • John Bul Dau: “Lost Boy” of Sudan, Motivational Speaker and Genocide Survivor Featured in the Film God Grew Tired of Us

  • Susan Ershler: Everest and Seven Summits Mountaineer, Author, Business and Sales Executive
  • John Foley: Performance Expert, Former Lead Solo Pilot, U.S. Navy's Blue Angels
  • Juliet Funt: Humorous Productivity and Work/Life Balance Expert
  • Rowdy Gaines: Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer and Sports Broadcaster
  • Christopher Gardner: Inspiration for the Movie The Pursuit of Happyness, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
  • Amanda Gore: Australia's Leading Humorist and Stress Management Expert
  • Peter Guber: Renowned Entertainment Executive and CEO, Entrepreneur, # 1 Best Selling Author, Sports Franchise Owner of the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Darren Hardy: Publisher & Editorial Founder of SUCCESS Magazine
  • Brian Holloway: Five-Time NFL All-Pro, Motivation and Team Building Expert
  • Arthur Hull: Drummer and Experiential Team Building Facilitator
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Renowned Yogi, Visionary, Guru and Founder of the Isha Foundation
  • Bruce Jenner: Iconic Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon Champion
  • Daymond John: FUBU Clothing Founder, Urban Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, Marketing and Branding Expert, Shark Tank Reality TV Judge, Motivational Speaker
  • Willie Jolley: One of The World's Best Motivational Speakers
  • Sarano Kelley: Motivational Speaker, Television Host and Life Coach

  • Cynthia Kersey: Author, Success Coach and Expert on Performance and Achieving Breakthrough Goals
  • Craig Kielburger: Social Activist, Author and Founder of Free the Children
  • Marc Kielburger: Social Activist, Author and Founder of Free the Children
  • Beverly Kirkhart: Cancer Survivor and Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Surviving Soul
  • Loretta LaRoche: Renowned Humorist, Stress Management Expert and Star of Emmy-Winning PBS Specials
  • Jason Lezak: Four-Time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
  • Mike Lipkin: Motivational Performance and Persuasion Expert
  • Lew Losoncy: "Doctor of Encouragement" Author, Motivator and High Energy Expert on Leadership, Attitude and Success.
  • Stephen Lundin: Best Selling Author of Fish! and Organizational Culture Expert
  • Gary Malkin: Emmy Award-Winning Composer, Creativity Expert and Immersive Experience Strategist/Performer
  • Charles Marcus: Renowned Success Strategist, Self Empowerment Expert, Author and Motivational Speaker
  • John Maxwell: Renowned Leadership Expert, Author and Speaker
  • Albert Mensah: Renowned Motivational Speaker and "Ambassador of Opportunity"
  • W. Mitchell: Motivational Speaker and Author of It's Not What Happens To You - It's What You Do About It
  • Jim "The Rookie" Morris:* High-School Teacher Drafted Into Major League Baseball at Age 35; Subject of Hollywood Film, The Rookie
  • Tom Morris, PhD: Public Philosopher, Corporate Advisor, Best Selling Author
  • Aimee Mullins: Groundbreaking Paralympic Athlete, Model, Actress & Women's Advocate
  • Diana Nyad: Record-Breaking Long Distance Swimmer, Sports Journalist and Broadcaster
  • Lisa Oz: New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Authority on Health and Wellness
  • Vince Papale: Legendary NFL Player, Cancer Survivor and Inspiration for the Movie Invincible
  • The Passing Zone: Renowned Comedy Juggling Team
  • Rex Pemberton: Youngest Australian to Climb Mt Everest & the Seven Summits, Leadership and Team Building Specialist
  • Debra Pestrak: Business and Personal Growth Expert
  • Mike Rayburn: "The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso" Adventurer, Author, Philanthropist
  • Cheryl Richardson: Personal Transformation Expert and Author of Life Makeovers and Creating An Abundant Life
  • Pat Riley - Legendary NBA Coach and Renowned Motivational Speaker
  • Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger: Celebrated Notre Dame Football Hero, Subject of Hollywood Film Rudy, & Renowned Inspirational Speaker
  • Jeff Salz: Global Explorer, Anthropologist, Mountaineer, Author and TV Personality
  • Julia Sweeney: Comedian, Actress, Former Saturday Night Live Cast Member and Cancer Survivor
  • Linda Noble Topf: Chronic Illness/Disability Advocate, MS Patient, Inspirational Speaker and Author of You Are Not Your Illness
  • Dara Torres: Olympic Gold Medal Swimming Champion
  • Joe Tye: Values-Based Leadership Expert
  • Steve Uzzell: Renowned National Geographic Photographer and Authority on Creative Problem Solving
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Renowned Yogi, Visionary, Guru and Founder of the Isha Foundation
  • Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman, MBA, CSP: Former F-16 Fighter Pilot, Leadership, Motivation and Peak Performance Expert
  • Montel Williams: Emmy-Winning TV Host, MS and Health Advocate, Wellness Entrepreneur, Decorated Naval Officer
  • Otis Williams: High-Energy Motivational Speaker
  • Larry Winget:"The Pitbull of Personal Development", Best-Selling Author and Host of TV's Big Spender
  • Women on the Web: Featuring many of the world's most celebrated journalists, authors, entertainers and entrepreneurs.
  • Benjamin Zander:Acclaimed Conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and Leadership, Creativity and Team Building Expert

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