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Identify the customer. Satisfy the customer. Keep the customer. Marketing is an integral part of any contemporary business strategy and standing out in a volatile and competitive marketplace is crucial to business success. In today's rapid-fire world of instant information, discerning consumers and short attention spans, BigSpeak's Marketing Speakers are experts at helping your organization recognize the trends, target the right audience, break through the clutter and master not only the message, but the medium – and in the process, build strong customer relationships that create enduring value for you and your clients.


"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product or service sells itself."

- Peter Drucker

  • Kevin Allen: Former Advertising Guru, Organizational Growth & Development Professional and Business Author
  • Tony Alessandra: Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Jay Baer: Top Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, and Marketing Entrepreneur
  • Larry Bailin: Internet Marketing and Social Media Expert, Motivational Business Speaker, CEO and Bestselling Author
  • Jack Canfield: "America's Success Coach," Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Secret, Peak Performance Expert
  • Jim Cathcart: "Hall of Fame" Business Motivator, Best Selling Author and High-Value Relationship Expert
  • Christine Clifford : Top Sales Producer, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, Cancer Survivor
  • Robert Cialdini, PhD: Professor of Psychology and Marketing, Bestselling Business Author and Expert on Persuasion, Compliance and Negotiation
  • Mark Cuban: Technology & Media Entrepreneur, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, HD Net/AXS TV Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Stephen Denny: Competitive Strategy and Marketing Consultant, Author of Killing Giants
  • Maddy Dychtwald: Leading Authority on Aging, Generational Marketing, Lifestyle and Trends
  • Keith Ferrazzi: Best-Selling Author, CEO, Networking Expert
  • Gary Getz: Corporate Strategy Expert
  • Libby Gill: Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Best Selling Author, Former Senior VP, Universal Studios and VP Sony Pictures
  • Peter Guber: Renowned Entertainment Executive and CEO, Entrepreneur, # 1 Best Selling Author, Sports Franchise Owner of the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Stedman Graham: CEO, Best Selling Author, Educator and Businessman
  • Mark Victor Hansen: Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series
  • Kevin Harrington: Cast Member of ABC's Shark Tank, CEO, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Expert
  • Adam Hartung: Disruptive Innovation Expert, Business Author, Consultant
  • Cameron Herold: Author & CEO Coach
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett: Former Chief Marketing Officer at Kodak, Author, Change Management, Social Media and Business Growth Expert
  • Troy Hazard: Renowned Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Author
  • Andrew Hazen: Founder & CEO, Prime Visibility, Internet Marketing Expert
  • Alex Hunter: Former Head of Virgin Online, Branding and Marketing Speaker, Digital Ninja
  • Don Hutson: Sales and Customer Service Expert
  • Dennis Hightower: Former Deputy Commerce Secretary, Top Business Executive, CEO and Professor of Management, Harvard Business School
  • Sally Hogshead: Marketing, Persuasion and Personal Branding Expert, Leading Authority on Fascination
  • Daymond John: FUBU Clothing Founder, Urban Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, Marketing and Branding Expert, Shark Tank Reality TV Judge, Motivational Speaker
  • Noah Kerner: Gen Y, Brand Development, Marketing and Product Innovation Expert
  • Philip Kotler: Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, International Marketing Guru
  • Nirmalya Kumar, PhD: London Business School Professor of Marketing, Author and Thought Leader
  • Richard Laermer: Marketing, Advertising, Branding and PR Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
  • James Lafferty - CEO British-American Tobacco Corporation, Former CEO, Coca-Cola, West Africa and Former President, Procter & Gamble, Philippines.
  • Charlene Li: New York Times Best Selling Author of Open Leadership and Groundswell, Thought Leader on Strategy, Leadership and Interactive Technology
  • Gerd Leonhard: Futurist, Author, CEO of The Futures Agency
  • Henry Mason: Authority on Identifying Global Consumer Trends
  • Art Mortell: Sales and Peak Performance Expert and Author of World-Class Selling
  • John W. Mullins, PhD: Business Thought-Leader, Associate Professor of Management Practice, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, London Business School
  • Don Peppers: Expert In Customer Relations & Co-Author of One To One Marketing
  • Bob Pritchard: International Marketing Expert
  • Neil Rackham: Sales and Marketing Expert and Author of SPIN® Selling
  • Martha Rogers: Expert In Customer Relationships & Co-Author of One To One Marketing
  • Aaron Ross: Best Selling Author of Predictable Revenue, Business Advisor
  • Mark Simmons: Marketing, Advertising and Creativity Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
  • Tom Spitale: Customer Relationship Management Expert
  • Janet Switzer: Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Small Business Success and Marketing Expert
  • Ivanka Trump: Vice President, Development & Acquisitions, The Trump Organization, Speaker, Model, Entrepreneur and Advisor to The Apprentice

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