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Work/Life Balance Speakers

Too much to do, too little time. Do more with less - These seem to be the mantras of our times. BigSpeak's Work/Life Balance Speakers are experts at empowering employees to reconnect with their passion and purpose. The greatest gift you can give your workforce is not just the ability to make a good living, but to make a good life. Helping your team carve out a meaningful, satisfying life will pay dividends in replenished energy and enhanced commitment to you and your firm. From stress management and employee engagement, to simply putting the fun back into work, BigSpeak's Work/Life Balance Speakers help your people restore control over their workload, ensuring bottom-line benefits for your organization, including reductions in absenteeism, recruitment costs and staff turnover.

"If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full-speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race."

- Oprah Winfrey

  • Isabel Aguilera: Former President of General Electric, Spain and Portugal; Former Managing Director of Google, Spain and Portugal
  • Carol Grace Anderson: Motivational Speaker and Author Of Get Fired Up Without Burning Out!
  • James Autry: Former Fortune 500 Executive and Author Of Love And Profit: The Art Of Caring Leadership
  • Joy Baldridge: Motivational Humorist, Sales, Productivity and Change Specialist
  • Joan Borysenko: Mind/Body/Spirit Expert and Author of Inner Peace for Busy People
  • Gary Bradt: Organizational Change and Leadership Expert
  • Dan Buettner: Longevity Expert, New York Times Bestselling Author, National Geographic Journalist and Explorer
  • Richard Chang: Leading Authority on Personal and Organizational Excellence
  • Deepak Chopra: Internist/Endocrinologist, Bestselling Author, "Poet-Prophet" Pioneer of Alternative Medicine and Gallup Senior Scientist
  • Kathleen Daelemans: Celebrity Chef, Best Selling Author of Getting Thin & Loving Food, Health, Nutrition and Weight-Loss Advocate
  • Steve Donahue: Narrative Intelligence Expert, Bestselling Author, Sahara Desert Adventurer
  • Wayne Dyer: World Renowned Self-Empowerment Expert and Best Selling Author
  • Riane Eisler: Bestselling Author, Social Scientist, Macrohistorian and Activist, Authority on the Partnership Model of Leadership
  • Susan Ershler: Everest and Seven Summits Mountaineer, Author, Business and Sales Executive
  • Stewart Friedman, PhD: Wharton Professor of Management, Author, Leadership Development and Work/Life Integration Expert
  • Juliet Funt: Humorous Productivity and Work/Life Balance Expert
  • Tim Gallwey: Sports Psychologist and Master of "The Inner Game" of Life And Business
  • Yossi Ghinsberg: Master Storyteller, Jungle Adventurer, Author, Advocate for Peace and Environmental Issues
  • Libby Gill: Executive Coach, Brand Strategist and Best Selling Author, Former Senior VP, Universal Studios and VP Sony Pictures
  • Amanda Gore: Australia's Leading Humorist and Stress Management Expert
  • Jack Groppel: Peak Performance Expert and Author Of The Corporate Athlete
  • Gay Hendricks & Kathlyn Hendricks: Best Selling Authors, Conscious Living and Relationship Experts
  • Mike Hourigan: Entertaining Negotiation and Business Communication Expert
  • Kathy Ireland: Lifestyle Designer, CEO and Chief Designer for Kathy Ireland Worldwide
  • John Izzo: Thought Leader on Organizational Development, Leadership and Employee Engagement
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Renowned Yogi, Visionary, Guru and Founder of the Isha Foundation
  • Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.: Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Author, Wellness Expert, Integrative Medicine Consultant and Health Futurist
  • James Lafferty - CEO British-American Tobacco Corporation, Former CEO, Coca-Cola, West Africa and Former President, Procter & Gamble, Philippines.
  • Vicki Lawrence: Singer, Comedienne, Star of Mama's Family and The Carol Burnett Show
  • Giovanni Livera: Magician, Motivator and Author
  • Joan Lunden: Former Host of Good Morning America, Award-Winning Journalist and Author
  • Jim Loehr: Peak Performance Expert and Co-Author of The Power Of Full Engagement
  • Jones Loflin: Change Management and Work/Life Balance Expert, Co-Author of Juggling Elephants
  • Jennifer Louden: Women's Self Improvement Expert, Coach and Best Selling Author of The Woman's Comfort Book
  • Gary Malkin: Emmy Award-Winning Composer, Creativity Expert and Immersive Experience Strategist/Performer
  • Stephanie Marston M.F.T.: Best Selling Author, Psychologist and Trainer, Specializing in Work/Life Effectiveness and Stress Reduction
  • Betsy Myers: Women’s Business and Leadership Expert, Author, Former Senior Political Advisor
  • Lisa Nichols: Best Selling Author, Motivator, Coach, Teacher & The Secret Contributor
  • Deborah Norville: Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Author, Host of Inside Edition
  • Lisa Oz: New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker and Authority on Health and Wellness
  • Brian Parsley: Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Retention Expert
  • Kenneth Pelletier, Ph.D., MD(hc): Stanford Trained Alternative Medicine Expert
  • Cheryl Richardson: Personal Transformation Expert and Author of Life Makeovers and Creating An Abundant Life
  • Jonathan Robinson: Renowned Psychotherapist, Author and Personal Productivity Expert
  • Terry Sand: Fun-At-Work Expert and Motivational Humorist
  • Tony Schwartz: Peak Performance Expert and Co-Author of The Power Of Full Engagement
  • Hyrum Smith: FranklinCovey Co-Founder, Values-Based Time and Change Management Expert Expert
  • Fran Solomon: Specialist in Fun At Work, Teams and Stress Management
  • Laura Stack: Productivity and Performance Expert, Best Selling Author
  • Michael Stillwater: Musician, Inspirational Educator and Healing Facilitator
  • Jill Blashack Strahan: Founder & CEO, Tastefully Simple, Inc.
  • John Tamiazzo, PhD: Neuroscience Expert, Author, Health and Wellness Speaker
  • LeAnn Thieman: Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker, Nurse and Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul
  • Courtney B. Vance: Award-Winning Actor, Author
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Renowned Yogi, Visionary, Guru and Founder of the Isha Foundation
  • Matt Weinstein: Fun-At-Work And Team Building Specialist
  • Kate White: Former Editor-In-Chief, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • Marianne Williamson: Authority on Spirituality and Author of Everyday Grace
  • Jay Winner: Family Physician, Author, Stress Management Expert

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