Global Issues

Ryan Pyle

Television Celebrity, Extreme Adventurer, World Traveler and Film Producer

Tony Blinken

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary Of State And Former Deputy National Security Advisor For President Obama

Michael Beschloss

Presidential Historian, NBC News and PBS NewsHour, New York Times Columnist and #1 Best-Selling Author

Patrick van der Pijl

CEO of Business Models Inc., Author, and Authority on Strategic Business Modeling

Seth M. Siegel

Businessman, Activist for Water Issues, and NYT Bestselling Author

Watts Wacker

World Renowned Futurist, Author, Social Commentator and Provocateur

Michael Treacy

Growth & Innovation Expert, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist, Author, Globalization Expert, Professor, Columbia University Business School

Jonas Ridderstrale

International Business Thought-Leader, Management Guru and Best Selling Author

Kjell Nordström

International Business Thought-Leader and Best Selling Author

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