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Bob Arno

The Pickpocket King

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    Arizona, USA

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Bob is a leading international provider of theft risk management solutions for the business and leisure sectors. He is an internationally recognized street-crime and diversion theft authority who has spent his career tracking and filming street thieves in action. His extraordinary footage is frequently used on news- and talk-shows around the world. As an expert on body language and con games, Bob narrates his footage with insight and authority. His documentaries reveal amazingly devious con games and brazen thefts.

Each year, Bob dedicates significant time in which to find, follow, and film pickpockets and con artists in the world’s top travel destinations. His interviews and interrogations of countless thieves have given him a backdoor perspective on the mindset of this underclass.

Why Bob Arno?

If it takes a thief to know a thief and you want to know the latest trends in corporate and personal security, then keynote speaker Bob Arno is the perfect choice for your next conference. Lean, lanky and a little larcenous, this infotainer is also provocative, intelligent, thrilling, edgy, and very, very entertaining. “Highlight” is a word liberally applied to him by his corporate clients.

Bob’s unique footage of candid conversations and crime-in-action is incorporated into his presentations, shared with police and security forces around the world, and made into documentaries.

Bob artfully blends the comedy and tragedy of thievery in his outrageous presentations. Illustrated with demonstrations and brought to life with his unique video, he explores and exposes the methods and motivation of street thieves, con artists, and identity thieves.

He is a frequent presenter at Tourism Safety & Security Conferences and pre-Super Bowl seminars for law enforcement and security professionals. With exclusive video, live demonstrations, and well-appreciated humor, Bob offers a global perspective on diversion theft techniques and the latest international trends.

Testimonials 3

  • Having Bob Arno as my conference closer was the perfect choice for my attendees. Having come off a tough year in the financial services industry, our conference was filled with and focused on some tough challenges in the insurance industry as whole. Having Bob on our main platform left our members on a true high! He was the perfect combination of intrigue, wit, and overall fun that left my attendees laughing themselves out of their chairs.

    B. Godsman

    Sr. Director, Corporate Relations, GAMA International

  • Bob Arno’s presentation was a great balance of insightful and timely education and lively entertainment. The feedback from the NATP National Conference attendees was nothing but positive, after the show and into the next day. One commentator referred to Mr. Arno as ‘the best edutainer he has ever experienced.’ He kept the crowd laughing, engaged and amazed by his quick-handed maneuvers and delightful sense of humor. Bob left the crowd standing on their feet in a spirited ovation

    Cindy Hockenberry

    Director, Education and Research Services, National Association of Tax Professionals

  • After a major internal reorganisation we hired Bob to bring the new teams together and create a shared experience they could relate to. He was highly effective in breaking down barriers and had the team talking for weeks afterwards. Entertaining and engaging as well as informative, I would recommend Bob to anyone looking to create a “talking point” at any event.

    Gavin Style

    Head of Global Sales, SunGard Asset Management

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