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Butch Lumpkin

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Some of Butch’s Key Accomplishments Include…
The Butch Lumpkin story serves as a testimony to the power of dreams and the ability to adapt making the impossible possible. His rise as an athlete is a heartwarming story of an unforgettable tenacity to never give up! He will inspire, motivate, and captivate an audience to get off the sidelines and into the game.

Butch’s sports career started with football. Understanding that he wouldn’t be the one playing wide receiver catching the ball. He decided to focus his ability on throwing the ball with accuracy. Becoming a quarterback playing from the shot gun position. Then baseball came along and catching the ball was a challenge again but Butch accomplished the task wearing a larger glove, a first baseman’s mitt. With his ability to throw he became a pitcher with one awesome curve ball. But what really impressed people was his ability not only to strike you out with his short arm but he could also flip the ball of the toe of his shoes and strike you out with his feet. After watching Pistol Pete Maravich of the Hawks play basketball he realized that even though he couldn’t dribble well he could pass, catch, and shoot three pointer’s. Later in life he aired on the golf channel swishing one from the center of the court. Finally Butch was introduced to a game played with your feet, soccer. With strong legs the size of tree trunks he excelled taking penalty kicks, corner kicks, and learned to play all positions on the field including goalie.

Early in life Butch learned to read, study, and analyze how people were able to play sports and excel. He learned to adapt and set goals pushing the limits of his body. Upon entering high school Butch was introduced to tennis and the idea of doing something so hard fueled his tank. He read everything on the sport and developed a unique style of playing. He lettered in tennis and soccer in high school and was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2010. He went on to play both sports at Mercer University. During college he began working at Horseshoe Bend Country Club were the dream of becoming a tennis professional and coach began.

In his 20’s Butch was a featured in World Tennis Magazine and became a certified member of the United States Professional Tennis Association. He’s won the Presidents Award from the USPTA and Independent Pro Of The Year for the state of Ga. Also featured on CNN and CBN. Butch has enjoyed a successful career in tennis.

Entering his 30‘s Golf was taking off and Butch was inspired to get longer clubs and go after the sport. Starting at 130 he began the pursuit to 100, then 90, then 80, and finally breaking into the 70’s. He’s won a long drive contest, achieved the coveted Hole In One, and his lowest score a 75. Butch has been featured on the Golf Channel and on Golf In America. He has played and entertained at tour events and celebrity events. Helping raise money for charities has become a passion.

Butch has become a 7 sport athlete excelling in golf, tennis, soccer, pool, snow skiing, ping pong, and surfing. Playing and teaching at a high level. He has flown an airplane, a helicopter, and has a serious passion for racing BMW’S on the track.

More about Butch…
Butch lives in Georgia and  travels the country as a Golf Entertainer and Corporate Speaker. He entertains at Tour Events, Corporate Outings, and Charity Events bringing his unique humor, quick wit, and shot making ability to entertain all groups of people. He speaks, Coach’s, and teach’s companies to turn the Impossible into the Possible with his inspiring message Nothings Beyond Reach with the right game plan.

Testimonials 4

  • To call Butch Lumpkin inspirational would be a monumental understatement Butch is different alright. Different in that he rises to every challenge,never complains and with every once of his sizable heart he feels fortunate, even blessed.One of the most inspirational people I have ever met.

    Play By Play Host, Nation Wide Tour and PGA Tour

  • Butch Lumpkin is the epitome of what a positive attitude can do for you. What the power of self belief can do for you. God made him with short arms so he can reach a lot of people

    Head Coach Clemson

  • I was blown away when I heard you speak. Bar none, you have been the absolute best motivational speaker we have had the pleasure of meeting. Your ability to tie together athletics  to the corporate world were right on target. You inspired many people that night to re-think the way they approach problems. You are the most enabled person I ever met

    Vice President Integrated, Group & Internet Marketing and Sales

  • You are able to tell stories of every day struggles as well as once -in- life time experience’s in a funny an engaging way. You have helped BEMA to accomplish its mission of providing value to our members through meaningful programs


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