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Cynthia Kersey

Author, Success Coach and Expert on Performance and Achieving Breakthrough Goals

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    California, USA

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Cynthia Kersey’s Accomplishments Include . . . 
What’s the secret to becoming unstoppable? Cynthia Kersey knows. In fact, she’s spent the last seven years researching and interviewing hundreds of America’s greatest achievers. In her best-selling book, UNSTOPPABLE, Cynthia Kersey reveals their secrets and traits and outlines a simple process that anyone can apply to create unstoppable results in their life.

UNSTOPPABLE has sold several hundred thousand copies in 13 languages, becoming a perennial bestseller. It was named by Publisher’s Weekly as one the best-selling paperbacks and it’s been a popular featured selection for Literary Guild and Double Day Book Club, among others. Her latest book UNSTOPPABLE Women, expands upon her success methodologies and focuses on women overcoming great odds, including news anchor Katie Couric and actor Camryn Manheim, and is filled with memorable, easy-to-accomplish agendas. The personal stories of Cynthia Kersey’s own triumphs are told “girlfriend to girlfriend.”

Cynthia Kersey’s personal story serves as the foundation for her unstoppable message; starting a career as a secretary, then rising to become a sales executive at Sprint Communications. She then left Corporate America in 1996 to pursue her dream of writing and encouraging people to live unstoppable lives.

Numerous Fortune 500 companies including Xerox, Johnson & Johnson and Aetna utilize Cynthia Kersey’s message and strategies. And within the direct-selling industry, Cynthia Kersey has given well over 100 keynote speeches and seminars as well as trained thousands of independent distributors from companies including Home Interiors & Gifts, Jafra, Noevir, Quixtar and Primerica. Cynthia Kersey’s message empowers individuals to build and maintain a successful business and to create a rich and meaningful life.

More About Cynthia Kersey. . .
Cynthia Kersey has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show. And UNSTOPPABLE has received rave reviews from national opinion makers and readers alike, including Scott DeGarmo, former editor of Success Magazine who believes “UNSTOPPABLE is this generation’s Think & Grow Rich.”

Cynthia Kersey’s passion is giving back and she established a non-profit foundation, to raise funds and awareness for women’s issues worldwide.

Testimonials 2

  • “Cynthia spoke at our national conference and I was so enthusiastic about her material that my entire sales team enrolled in her program. In 60 days, our sales volume skyrocketed 43%.” Cynthia’s material is a MUST for ANYONE who wants to create unstoppable results.

    Dr. John Shewfelt, Aim

  • “Your ability to become Unstoppable is perhaps the most important single quality of great success and achievement. Cynthia Kersey shows you a series of simple yet powerful steps you can take to build your courage, tenacity & resilience to the point where you can achieve any goal you can set for yourself!”

    Brian Tracy


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