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 Speaker Yasmin Green

Yasmin Green

Director of Research and Development at Jigsaw

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Speaker Yasmin Green’s Key Accomplishments Include…

Yasmin Green solves geopolitical problems  around the globe. Working from far-flung locations like Iran, Syria, and Nigeria as a leader and manager, Green has served in various capacities at Google, including head of sales strategy and operations for Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As head of research and development at Google’s technology incubator Jigsaw, Green tackles extremism, investigating how terror recruiters use the Internet, and creating tools that divert the attention of their intended targets. Green’s team also uses machine learning to recognize comments of any kind that are inflammatory—to allow online discussions to remain civil. Green is a senior adviser on innovation to Oxford Analytica, co-chair of the European Commission’s Working Group on Online Radicalization, and a board member for the Tory Burch Foundation.

She was previously head of strategy and operations for Google Ideas, which is now Jigsaw.  Green has been with Google since 2006, previously as head of sales strategy and projects, a project manager in emerging markets, operations manager for sub-Saharan Africa, and senior financial analyst. She formerly was a senior consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Yasmin Green is the Principal at Google Ideas responsible for strategy and operations. She also oversees the team’s work on counter-radicalization and fragile states. At Google, Yasmin has assumed roles as Head of Sales Strategy and Operations for Southern Europe, Middle East, and Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Operations Manager, and prior to joining Google, she consulted for Booz Allen Hamilton across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Yasmin has extensive experience leading and project managing in some of the world’s toughest environments. She has spent time in Iran, Syria and Nigeria, where she has worked cross-functionally in sectors ranging from oil and gas to the Internet. She recently led a multi-partner coalition to launch Against Violent Extremism, the world’s first online network of former violent extremists and survivors of terrorism.

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