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LV Hanson

Leadership Speaker, Culture Pioneer

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About Speaker LV Hanson…

For 15 years, LV has worked with some of the most influential leaders around the world and is humbled by his opportunity to glean uniquely powerful perspectives on the complex art of personal and team development. At his core, LV believes the best leaders are continually becoming leaders worth following who fight for the highest possible good in the lives of those they lead. Vulnerable self-awareness and a willingness to grow into secure, confident, and humble leaders are foundational to effective leadership development and the transformation of leadership culture. Through a revolutionary process that is simple and scalable, LV establishes common language through visual tools creating a long-term leadership development process. He focuses on raising the level of leadership throughout the entire organization, beginning with the top, while creating a focus on scalable organizational health.

LV’s experience ranges from Leadership Consultant to Culture Pioneer in an array of industries, designing and implementing scalable culture shaping initiatives. His long-term love and high level involvement in sports has inspired a team centric approach to his leadership style and coaching methodology. His personal successes, and even more, his personal failures serve as the fertile soil of wisdom. LV is a leadership sherpa passionate about guiding leaders up the leadership mountain and empowering them to do the same. Areas of ExpertiseLV has built a reserve of tools that enable leaders to develop in the following areas:

• Career Development

• Conflict Resolution

• Leadership Development

• Apprenticeship Methodology

• Organizational Clarity & Development

• Productivity & Time Management

• Strengths Finders Coaching

• Crucial Conversations

• Life Plan Coaching

• Total SDI Coaching

• MBTI Facilitation

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