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Howard Richard Moskowitz

World Renowned Speaker, Author and Market Innovator

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About Keynote Speaker Dr. Howard Moskowitz…

Dr. Howard Moskowitz is both a well-known experimental psychologist in the field of psycho-physics and an inventor of world-class market research technology. Dr. Moskowitz graduated Harvard University in 1969 with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology. Prior to that he graduated Queens College (New York), Phi Beta Kappa, with degrees in mathematics and psychology. He has written/edited sixteen books, has published well over 400 articles and serves on the editorial board of major journals.

His extensive speaking engagements span both scientific and market research conferences, as well as guest lectures at leading business schools and food science schools. Dr. Moskowitz has published many books outlining his ideas and methodology as well. One example, Selling Blue Elephants(Wharton School Publishing), demonstrates and popularizes how IdeaMap (MJI Design Labs’ flagship product) creates new products and messages from areas as diverse as credit cards, jewelry offers, presidential messaging during election years, stock market communications, and transnational innovation.

Dr. Moskowitz has won numerous awards, among them the Scientific Director`s Gold Medal for outstanding research at the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, and the 2001 and 2003 awards by ESOMAR (European Society Of Market Research). In 2004, Dr. Moskowitz was elected as an IFT Fellow, and also was awarded the “David R. Peryam Award”, from ASTM, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of basic and applied sensory science. In 2005, Dr. Moskowitz was awarded the Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award for his substantial contributions and dedication to the advancement of marketing research practices. He is the recipient of the ARF Research Innovation Award and The Market Research Council Hall of Fame Award, both in 2006. Most recently, Dr. Moskowitz received an Edison Award for Innovation in 2012.

Among his contributions to market research is his 1975 introduction of psychophysical scaling and product optimization for consumer product development. In the 1980’s his contributions were extended to health and beauty aids. In the 1990’s the concept development approach was introduced to pharmaceutical research. His research / technology developments have led to concept and package optimization (IdeaMap®, MessageMap® for pharma), integrated and accelerated development (DesignLab®), and the globalization and democratization of concept development for small and large companies through an affordable, transaction-oriented approach (IdeaMap.Net®).

In 2009 Moskowitz co-founded iNovum to bring his science of Mind Genomics and Addressable Minds to world industries. iNovum’s goal is to commercialize the award- winning science, to re-ignite the American Dream, to export that dream around the world, and at the same to improve the education and life prospects of young people of the next generation.


Testimonials 2

  • More than 90% of launches and re-launches do fail … (Dr. Howard) Moskowitz is a serious genius that has dedicated his
    work to help all of us to increase our chances of success significantly.

    Tex Gunning

    VP Unilever

  • Howard helped us grow the Prego Brand to twice its size. (He) uncovered a huge untapped niche that existed in the marketplace.

    Monica Wood

    Campbell Soup Company

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