Speaker Jonathan Bradshaw

Jonathan Bradshaw

Interpersonal Communication Expert, Creator of Meetology®

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About Speaker Jonathan Bradshaw…

Jonathan Bradshaw is Creator of Meetology®: The Science Powering World-Class Social Skills. He leads a team of behavioral psychologists who have created a range of products designed to supercharge major business meetings & events by using psychology and behavioral science to transform how attendees connect, interact and communicate, ensuring they develop those vital human connections that are the hallmark of truly exceptional events. 

Throughout his 25 year career in international sales and business development, Jonathan was fascinated with the behavioral science that powered the face-to-face interactions he enjoyed with customers, clients, suppliers and buyers. Always one of the top-performing members of staff, Jonathan was often asked to present to colleagues on the ‘tips, tools and techniques’ he used to build the exceptional relationships he enjoyed. 

In 2010 Jonathan began to collate scientific research related to how humans connect, interact and communicate effectively as well as design a framework through which to deliver it. Having recruited a small team of behavioral psychologists with which to collaborate, he launched his own business and the subject of Meetology® was born, and over the last ten years, has presented on this fascinating subject to exceptional feedback in over 30 countries. 

Testimonials 3

  • “We got numerous ratings of 5+ in the evaluations (and we only go up to 5!). A fascinating and compelling session which our members loved; we’ve already booked him for next year.”

    Helen O'Dowd

    Retail Excellence Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

  • “Jonathan was an absolute hit as our keynote! We received a record 98% satisfaction rate for his fascinating session.”

    Lori Pugh

    Meeting Professionals International, Dallas, USA

  • “Jonathan’s presentation was dynamic, humorous and practical; it kept our members enthralled for over an hour.”

    Lucy-Reece Raybould

    Company of Master Jewellers, Nottingham, UK

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Meetology Minutes®


Inspired by the format and name of our popular weekly vlogs, our Meetology® Minutes short video clips containing a fascinating bite-size nugget of behavioral science on how to connect, interact and communicate more effectively. 

Presented by professional speaker and Creator of Meetology® Jonathan Bradshaw, key features are as follows: 


  • Short, engaging videos of no more than 140 seconds each 
  • Exclusively filmed and branded for clients 
  • Client/sponsor content/call-to-action can be included 
  • Social media friendly (can be uploaded directly to most major platforms) 
  • A perfect sponsorship opportunity 
  • Client/sponsor branded 
  • Professionally filmed 


  • Maximise pre-event engagement 
  • Drive registration 
  • Drive event awareness 
  • Great PR content 

*Our Meetology® Minutes are designed to complement and increase the impact of our flagship Meetology® Keynote session – The Behavioral Science Powering World-Class Social Skills – and are therefore available exclusively to keynote clients.

Meetology® Masterclass


Our Meetology® Masterclass is designed to be delivered over five or six, one-hour breakout sessions. This experiential, interactive workshop is a chance for your attendees to deep dive into the subject of Meetology® in a programme designed and delivered by our team of psychologists. 

Because social interaction drives business success 

Our interactions with other people underpin almost everything that we do in business. Yet for many, building the rapport we need to really connect with others is not something that comes naturally. 

This masterclass focuses on overcoming barriers to connecting with others – such as shyness or nerves – and developing skills – like self-awareness, empathy, authenticity and observation – that people use to be confident, persuasive and likeable communicators. 

When your attendees have great social skills and can interact effectively, the event is more successful as those attending achieve more. They network, learn, interact, discuss, collaborate, build rapport, consider, contribute, sell and ultimately perform. It’s all down to rapport. 

What makes the Meetology® Masterclass different? 

What sets our interpersonal communications training apart is evidence. Everything we put in the course, and the way in which we present it, is based on thorough behavioural research. If you want to know why we advocate a certain approach we’ve got the evidence to show you how and why it works. The course has been designed – and is constantly being updated and refined – by our team of social psychologists. Social interaction is their business. 

What to expect 

The content is based on years of rigorous scientific research, but the class itself is interactive, informal and fun. It gives your attendees insight into the fascinating behavioural science behind forming great connections with others. We talk briefly through what the research shows, then put the findings into action, experimenting and practising to see how different approaches work for different people in different situations. 

*Our Meetology® Masterclass is designed to complement and increase the impact of our flagship Meetology® Keynote session – The Behavioral Science Powering World-Class Social Skills – and is therefore available exclusively to keynote clients.


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