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 Speaker Leah Basque

Leah Basque

Entrepreneur Speaker, Founder and Executive Chairwoman, TaskRabbit; General Partner at Fuel Capital

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About Speaker Leah Basque…

The vision for revolutionizing how work gets done led Leah Busque to pioneer the concept of “Service Networking,” forging a leading role in the Collaborative Consumption movement. Since bootstrapping TaskRabbit in 2008, Busque has expanded the company internationally, raised nearly $50 million in venture funding, and inspired legions of startups to launch in the Collaborative and Service Networking space.

Leah Busque is passionate about technology and has over 15 years’ experience building and innovating across the industry. She started her career at IBM as a software engineer, but it was a vision for revolutionizing the way people work that led Busque to pioneer the concept of “service networking” and found TaskRabbit. She quickly propelled TaskRabbit into a leading role in defining the early days of the sharing economy. Her unique experience in Silicon Valley as one of the very few female tech CEOs didn’t slow her down, as she raised over $50 million dollars in venture funding and expanded TaskRabbit internationally. In 2017, Leah became a General Partner at FUEL Capital, and oversaw TaskRabbit’s successful sale to IKEA, the multinational home décor corporation. Busque is also a trustee on the board of Sweet Briar College, a small women’s college in Virginia, and is highly engaged in reshaping women’s education to fill the “pipeline problem” of women entering into technology careers. She serves on the board and advises many startups in the technology, e-commerce, and education spaces. As a working mom of two young children, Busque loves to share her passion for entrepreneurship, women in technology, and education to inspire and motivate her audience.

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