Keynote Speaker Lilly Tam

Lilly Tam

Corporate Hypnosis for Resistance to Change/Goal Reaching Through Subconscious Conditioning & Handwriting Analysis Expert

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Lilly’s work focuses on enterprise sales teams.  Her work is unique, as she teaches and supports sales teams behind the scenes to reinforce techniques and best practices – increasing sales results – by working on the subconscious level. Sales isn’t just about making more calls, it’s about making best use of the calls and reinforcing tenacity with sales teams. Results show that sales teams are more efficient using Lilly’s methods – by recovering from objection and rejection faster.

Handwriting analysis is an additional window to hiring and or realigning job roles. Lilly teaches HR leaders how to harness insights from handwriting, to gain insight on job candidates and existing hires. This training creates focus and efficiency in the hiring process, including how to create unique follow-up questions for second and third interviews (based on handwriting sample from the first interview).

Lilly is a doctoral student at USC, currently researching the effects of subconscious conditioning and hypnotherapy, while qualitatively measuring its benefits to corporate culture.

Testimonials 2

  • “We brought Lilly in to work with our team of sales people – they were stuck and couldn’t reach goals.  After her workshop on breakthrough thinking with our team, our sales numbers increased.”



  • “Lilly has great energy, she’s super engaged and our employees benefited greatly from her talk on communication with inferential and literal listeners. We highly recommend her and will be inviting her again next year”

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