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Michael Weissman

Entrepreneur, Branding and Product Strategist and Co-Author of The Paradox of Excellence

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Michael Weissman’s Key Accomplishments Include . . . 
A popular speaker and author, Michael Weissman is the leading expert in value-reinforcement marketing. Prior to founding his own firm in 1998, Michael Weissman helped Toshiba, Canon and Visioneer, profitably grow revenues $600 million, increase share in some of the toughest markets in history and win awards for new products, promotions, web design and branding.

Michael is co-author (with Dave Mosby) of the highly acclaimed book, The Paradox of Excellence: How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business which has appeared in Fast CompanyEntrepreneur Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and Canada’s Globe and Mail, and is being translated into six languages.

As a corporate entrepreneur (intrapreneur) with a focus on branding, marketing and product strategies, Michael Weissman specializes in technology companies in emerging markets, and has helped over 50 start-ups and global companies including Adobe, Amazon, Apple, EDS, HP, Qualcomm and Symantec.

More About Michael Weissman. . .
Dynamic. Pragmatic. Engaging. Humorous. Motivational. Refreshing. These are the words audience members consistently say when describing talks by Michael Weissman. Major corporations, professional and trade organizations, universities and church organizations all experience the same passion he brings to speaking that he has to every other activity he’s embarked upon.

Michael Weissman believes new, smarter ways of thinking are necessary for companies to achieve the sustained growth they desire. By combining practical, real-world corporate experience, the ability to envision trends that affect strategy, and powerful new strategic ideas, Michael Weissman creates presentations that entertain, inform and motivate audiences to reach their goals.

Michael Weissman’s specialties involve building new businesses, growing existing businesses, repositioning companies and brands, as well as internet, hardware, software, web services and technology services.

Michael Weissman is also an award-winning composer, and has toured internationally as a musician.

Testimonials 5

  • “I work with hundreds of CEOs and have seen the ‘paradox of excellence’ occur in companies of all types and sizes. Michael Weissman can enable great companies to become truly great in the eyes of those who matter–their customers. The Paradox of Excellence cleverly explains why companies must work as a team to identify, understand, and manage the ever-changing expectations of their customers.”

    Paul Witkay

    Founder and CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives

  • “A powerful new formula for every business to become distinct and not extinct!”

    Ram Charan

    Coauthor, Confronting Reality and Execution, and author, Boards That Deliver

  • “I loved your presentation”

    Steve Spinelli

    Jr. Vice Provost, Entrepreneurship, Babson College and founder, Jiffy Lube

  • “If you ever have a chance to hear him in person, you are in for one wonderful performance”

    Doug Stevens

    Director of The Renewal Project

  • “Michael has a warm, light way of handling difficult issues. He uses common everyday examples that are easy to understand and he delivered an exceptionally valuable event for the KPA Group.”

    Hratch Kouyoumdjian

    Principal, The KPA Group

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