Keynote Speaker Nate Hilpert

Nate Hilpert

Project Manager at HeartSupport

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    Texas, USA

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Some of Nate Hilpert’s Key Accomplishments Include…

Nate Hilpert graduated college at 19 with honors and two degrees from the University of Texas. He stepped away from a promising future in the corporate world to go on a two-month music festival called Warped Tour. He went with a company called HeartSupport to help music fans that were struggling with addictions, past pain, and suicide–all similar to the things he had experienced in his own life. The cross-country journey blazed a trail of life-change in dozens of others but also in him. He decided to abandon his former plans and to fundraise so he could work full time for HeartSupport. Since he started, he’s helped raise over $100,000, change hundreds of lives, and begin from the ground-level an organization that’s creating a lifelong legacy of love in the music scene.

HeartSupport is an online community that provides emotional support to the music scene. We help people heal from their past, choose life over suicide, and freedom from addiction. To date we’ve reached thousands of Millenials struggling to find hope and purpose and created a legacy of life-transformation among them.

Testimonials 3

  • HeartSupport was created by the community for the community it supports and its directors and supporters have been through many of the same things that they now help people get through. Having witnessed their work and insightful talks, I’m grateful to be able to give them a platform like Warped Tour to help get their message out.


    Kevin Lyman

    Vans Warped Tour Founder

  • It was refreshing to hear a talk on a subject that is only spoken in whispers or as someone else’s problem. We must first acknowledge the damage and control pornography has on our relationships and children. Then we can and start having real and authentic conversations re-enforcing what healthy relationships look like and model these in our own lives…denying power to something that has control over too many lives.


    Special Operations Forces (SOF) Service Member

  • [The talk] was right on target. The students and the staff alike were challenged by the subject matter. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!


    Frank Riley

    Private School Principal in Texas

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