Speaker Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Founder and CEO, Life Without Limbs

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About Speaker Nick Vujicic…

Few speakers have a better claim to be regarded as inspirational than Nicholas Vujicic. Born without arms or legs, he has overcome his disability in the most astonishing ways, setting a true example of inspiring success to any who have ever doubted their ability to achieve their goals.

During his childhood in Melbourne, Australia, Nick had to cope with feelings of loneliness and depression as he questioned  what purpose a limbless individual could have in life. He experimented with electronic arms in the hope of becoming more like his peers, but they became more of a hindrance than help. Forging his own path, Nick found ways to accomplish tasks many of us take for granted, such as typing, swimming, even just cleaning our teeth, in the most inventive manner.

Nick’s success in adapting techniques for everyday life was reflected in his election as captain of his school in grade seven and his work with the student council to raise funds for local charities and disability campaigns. On leaving school, he continued to study and was awarded a double bachelor degree, majoring in accounting and financial planning. It was at this time that Nick began his career in motivational speaking, driven by a desire to inspire others to overcome the struggles that they face through his example. His story thus gained wider coverage, and in 2005 he was nominated for the “Young Australian of the Year” award, an honor only ever given to the most inspirational of young people.

Eight years after beginning his career as a motivational speaker, Nick has recently moved to California where he acts as president of an international non-profit organization, as well as runs his own motivational speaking company, Attitude is Altitude. Millions of people around the world have heard Nick’s incredible story of fortitude and determination, either in person or through television and other media. His travels (this year alone he is scheduled to speak in more than twenty countries) have allowed him to meet with many of the world’s most influential figures.

As a speaker, Nick encourages his audiences to dream big. He uses his own story to demonstrate that obstacles need not be problems, but can be growth opportunities. In his life, he has shown that persistence and embracing the lessons of failure can enable you to achieve almost anything. With his humor, faith and a deep and sincere empathy with other human beings, Nick Vujicic has truly earned the title of of being one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers in the world today.

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