Speaker Nipsy and Bennie

Nipsy and Bennie

Craig's Angels, Them Boys

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    Massachusetts, USA

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Nipsy and Bennie, in Brief:

Eternal. Sophisticated. Gentlemen of exquisite tastes. Nipsy(left) and Bennie(right) are, a rarity among dogs, college educated boys here to show the world what is good. Ready to eat anything and everything, they bravely toe the line between gourmet and garbage, all for the purpose of delivering to their audiences their hard-won expertise on food, smells, and the finer things in life.

Please be mindful that these are sophisticated boys. They are only accepting serious speaking inquiries.

Critical Statistics

Breed: Pure-bred Shih Tzu

Age: 9.5 years of luxury and leisure

Weight: About a couple of grapes

Height: Are you seeing them? Basically no inches

Charm Points: Floppy tongues and teensy little feet

Favorite Items: Fashion kerchiefs and things with strange odors


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