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Phil Wainewright

Global Cloud Computing Expert and Business Visionary

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Phil Wainewright’s Key Accomplishments Include . . .
Phil Wainewright is an influential commentator and strategist on Internet computing and its impact on business, with a track record of spotting key themes and trends at an early stage.

Since 1998, Phil Wainewright has been a thought leader in cloud computing as a blogger, analyst and consultant, best known for his long-running Software as Services blog. He is a co-founder of diginomica, the influential tech media site launched to inform business decision makers about the transformation of 21st century enterprises by digital technology.

Why Phil Wainewright

  • Your organization cannot survive in the emerging connected digital economy unless it understands the ground rules of Frictionless Enterprise and how to build a networked business.
  • There are many definitions of cloud computing and many views of how it will impact business. Cut through all the misinformation and misconception to learn the real impact of cloud and mobile computing on the threats and opportunities facing your enterprise.
  • Cloud vendors often find it difficult to articulate the business benefits of their technology solutions. Enthuse your partners, prospects and customers with a message that makes sense of the technology from a business perspective.

Phil Wainewright is also the CEO of a strategic consulting group, where he advises US and European SaaS and cloud vendors on messaging, positioning and go-to-market, and has developed a framework to help enterprises harness the cloud for business transformation. His newest role as an industry advocate is as Vice-President of European industry trade association EuroCloud.
For more than a decade, Phil Wainewright has promoted the business benefits of software-as-a-service and cloud computing and championed industry best practices. Through marketing, he has helped product teams position their offerings accurately and create compelling messages that capture attention and inspire action.

Phil Wainewright’s blogs shape the agenda for the industry, and he is a frequent speaker and roundtable moderator at conferences and customer events.

Phil’s published output in this role includes white papers, webinars and podcasts for client companies including, Workday, NetSuite, Dell Boomi, SnapLogic, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Dimension Data and Supermicro.

More About Speaker, Phil Wainewright . . .
Phil Wainewright speaks about business transformation through cloud computing – helping enterprise leaders understand how the adoption of cloud applications and platforms lets them meet the challenges of today’s global, 24/7 connected world, how it transforms the way people work and do business, and its impact on the role of the CIO.

He specializes in on-demand services (SaaS/PaaS), services architectures (SOA) and Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0, and has closely observed the evolution of software as a service (SaaS) — and more recently platform as a service (PaaS).

Phil Wainewright has a degree from University College, London and is based in the UK.

Testimonials 1

  • “Phil Wainewright has been a featured speaker at many SIIA events. He takes time to understand the audience and tailors the presentation appropriately. He engages the audience and is also never afraid to address the challenging issues. Phil is a knowledgeable, industry expert and a valuable asset to any industry event.”

    Rhianna S. Collier

    Vice President, Software Division, SIIA

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