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 Speaker Ted Wright

Ted Wright

Marketing Expert and Keynote Speaker

  • Speaker's U.S. Fee Range
    $20,001 - $40,000 i
  • Languages Spoken
  • Travels From
    Georgia, USA

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About Speaker Ted Wright…

Ted Wright helps audiences realize marketing concepts in ways they have NEVER perceived them. When you identify the people most likely to talk about your brand, and then use creative strategies to encourage communications between those influencers and members of their social network, you create the most effective technique available for growing your brand and increasing your sales.

Speaker, Author, and CEO of Fizz, Ted Wright has been at the forefront of word of mouth marketing for years. He has contributed to several consumer revolutions in the United States, including the resurgence of Pabst Blue Ribbon among urban hipsters and the adoption of Chocolate Milk among athletes. He works to take his clients such as Bissell, Intuit, AT&T, and Intel, among many others, to the next level and beyond.

Ted leads his crew of professionals from Fizz’s offices in Atlanta, where they consistently deliver triple-digit ROI on their clients’ marketing investments and have become a global leader in word of mouth marketing with clients on every continent.

Ted’s primary goal for each presentation is to leave attendees inspired to be better marketers so they can sell more stuff to more people, more often, for more money.

Testimonials 2

  • “Ted possesses an eclectic, rare mix of right brain and left-brain skills. In an extremely thoughtful and engaging narrative, Ted weaves a fascinating journey of the hows and whys of word of mouth. He takes a complex topic and boils it down into something extremely useful. If your audience wants to truly understand how to harness the power of people talking, Ted’s talk is your ‘must have.”

    Americus Reed

    Whitney M. Young Jr. Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

  • “Ted not only made a persuasive case of word-of-mouth marketing in an engaging talk packed with funny anecdotes, felicitous stats, and memorable case studies, but he also bothered to learn our industry, brought convention-specific detail into his presentation, and stuck around to talk to attendees throughout the day. Ted’s involvement made our convention better. Book him.”

    Aaron Steinberg

    Chairman, The National Directors & CEOs Leadership Convention

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