Derek Daly

World Class Formula One and Indy 500 Driver, Master of Fast, Best-Selling Author, and 25-Year Network Television Analyst

Christina Daves

PR Strategist, Helping People Get the Visibility They Deserve Using Traditional and Social Media

Alan Iny

Thinking Creatively and Using Scenarios to Help Clients Think More Expansively About the Future.

Ross Dawson

Leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author

Brad Grossman

CEO of Zeitguide, Cultural Advisor, Trends Expert, and Regular Contributor For The Wall Street Journal

Franziska Iseli

Maverick Entrepreneur, Leading Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Author and the Co-founder

Jason Duque

Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment in the Department of Education and Teacher Education Program

Lisa McLeod

Author of Selling with Noble Purpose, Strategy Consultant, Keynote Speaker

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