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Kevin O’Leary

Prospector & Brand Spokesanimal

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Kevin O’Leary, or BigKev for short, is the most recent addition to the BigSpeak team. Our new Big friend is a gentleman great white shark clocking in at about 1,700 lb and measuring about 13 feet from tip to tail. Despite his size, BigKev has a sharp wit and keen business acumen, much like his human namesake, ABC Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.

BigKev was educated at San Diego State, where he studied marine biology before being expelled from the program for eating all the research subjects and destruction of university property. He then transferred to the University of Mariana Trench’s Baja Branch, where he finished his academic career in environmental studies with full honors.

He works remotely from the Pacific Ocean, and can most often be found in the seas from Mexico to Hawaii enjoying the company of other, slightly less handsome male great whites as he hunts for new business contacts and prospects. You can learn more about Kevin and his friends through the Marine Conservation Science Institute.

Interested in meeting the big guy? MCSI is offering a Guadalupe Island research expedition in 2019! Experience great white shark cage diving with the pioneer of Guadalupe Island white shark research! Michael Domeier and Nicole Nasby-Lucas have been studying the white sharks of Guadalupe Island since 1999 using satellite tagging and photo-identification! This amazing cage diving experience is October 30 – November 4, 2019 aboard the Nautilus Explorer.  For more information contact

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