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Laurie Iverson

Strategic Account Advisor

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Laurie Iverson started her career in television in Los Angeles in the fast-paced world of Entertainment Tonight and spent many years wearing a variety of hats while working directly with the long-time host, Mary Hart. In this role, she produced and directed stories and traveled the world on many assignments for some of the biggest news events in the entertainment industry. What happens in Hollywood, stays in Hollywood—though she may share a tale or two if asked.

Feeling the pull of fresh air, lakes, and mountains, Laurie returned to Seattle and landed a gig working in fundraising, planning events for YWCA. It was there she started booking well-known keynote speakers, discovering a passion for finding the perfect speaker to contribute to the success of these events.

Laurie is excited to bring her unique dual perspective to the speaking industry, serving her clients with a fresh viewpoint. She’s been in her clients’ shoes and is dedicated to finding out-of-the-box solutions to help them achieve their event goals.

A graduate of Washington State University, Laurie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a minor in Business. In her free time, she enjoys figure drawing, hats (especially those with a nice brim) and kayaking on the lake near her home.

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