2019 Recap of the Power of Project Athena to Change Lives

Project Athena Foundation was founded by empowering keynote speaker Robyn Benincasa to help survivors of medical (and traumatic) challenges achieve their wildest athletic goals as part of their comeback. Robyn was inspired by her own recovery from a double hip replacement to show others our setbacks do not define us and to let our comebacks do the talking. 

This year Project Athena helped 25 brave Survivors excel through a 5-month training plan and complete an endurance adventure race. Survivors and supporting participants completed one or more of these adventures: hiked the Grand Canyon  from rim to rim to rim, kayaked and cycled in the Florida keys from Key Largo to Key West for a 120 mile and cycling adventure, hiked 50 miles from Harbor to Harbor in San Diego, or walked the Cove to Harbor marathon San Diego coastal hike.

Shari Kramer, a cancer survivor, completed the Cove to Harbor Hike in San Diego. Before doing the hike, Kramer underwent a new hip/pelvic bone implant. After completing her journey, Kramer was reinvigorated, saying, “That sense of pride spilled over in my work and my family life and I showed up more present and excited about life. I regained energy that I have not had in 3 years.”

Laura Kauger was also transformed after completing the Florida Keys adventure. She said it forged new positive memories for her and her daughters. “Camping, riding a bike, running, and kayaking. Under a palm tree and a beautiful sun. These are the images of me now in my daughter’s heads. Replacing the ones of me in a hospital bed with tubes and wires.” 

In addition to helping the 25 survivors, 67 awesome fundraising participants also finished adventures right alongside the survivors that their fundraising dollars helped! Each year, the foundation invites survivors to complete one of five amazing adventures. For more information, go to the Project Athena Foundation.