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From the Sports Stadium to the Speaker Podium: Top Olympic Keynote Speakers

Olympic athletes: We see them on TV, we watch them in awe, we cheer them on and wonder how they do what they do. We…

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Take a Deep Dive this Summer with Our Ocean Conservation Speakers

Summer has reached its zenith. Days are long and temperatures are soaring, ensuring plenty of folks are blasting the AC, getting outdoors, and, for those…

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Top Booked Creativity Speakers of 2021

Why book a creativity keynote speaker? Creativity leads to new possibilities that could ultimately solve our most complex problems. Creativity is about thinking outside the…

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Want to Take Your Event to the Next Level? Consider Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

If you’re a keynote speaker, event coordinator or meeting planner, odds are you’re constantly seeking new ways to create a more memorable and interactive experience…

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Meet the Team: Strategic Account Advisor Julie Whalen on What Makes a Good Keynote Speaker

What makes a good keynote speaker? According to Julie Whalen, BigSpeak Speakers Bureau Strategic Account Advisor, it’s all about authenticity and interesting, entertaining, rich content—…

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Use Open Space Strategies to Build Strong Company Culture

How do you maintain a strong company culture? One way is to have all the people in your company contribute to building it. Sharing is…

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How To Go From Living in Your Car to Living Your Dream, According to Keynote Speaker and National Geographic Explorer, Albert Yu-Min Lin

Today, you might know Albert Yu-Min Lin as a National Geographic Explorer, entrepreneur, inventor, or an international keynote speaker. Back in 2008, however, Lin was…

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To Return to the Office or Not? Experts Talk the New Way of Business

How are you feeling about returning to the office? We’ve heard all kinds of responses to this question, varying from “It’s happening, no ifs or…

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Barbara Corcoran and Marc Randolph on Trial and Error, Starting Companies, and Successful Ideas

Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to create and run a successful company? BigSpeak Exclusive Keynote Speaker and co-founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph…

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How Event Planners Can Hire Celebs Without Breaking the Bank

Event planners often ask if celebrity video app services are just as good as booking a keynote speaker. In a recent Forbes article, Ken Sterling,…

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Top Ten Booked Keynote Speakers of 2021

We’ve officially made it halfway through 2021, and thanks to the flexibility of virtual events and businesses picking back up again, it’s been a busy…

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James Clear’s Atomic Habits Recently Featured in WSJ’s Bestselling Books List!

BigSpeak motivational Speaker James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits was featured three times in the WSJ Bestselling Books Week Ended June 12, under the topics of…

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