Network Intel: Innovate by Tapping Employee Networks

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Think of each employee as an individual scout picking up data from the outside world—from articles, books, and classes, but most important, from other friends inside and outside the industry… It is the manager’s job to recognize and encourage the power of each of these scouts.

A more networked workforce generates more valuable intelligence, and when your employees share what they learn from their networks back into your company, they help solve its key business challenges.

(Explained further in The Alliance: Managing Talent in a Networked  Age.) The most powerful sources of information at a company’s disposal are the professional networks of its employees. They act as both asource and a filter for new information andprovide access to “hidden data” knowledge that isn’t publicly available

An employee’s professional network is also one of the key assets that can boost his long-term career prospects. As part of the alliance, the employee ought to tap his or her own network to advance their employee’s business, because who one knows can be just as valuable to the company as what one knows in terms of skills.

The company in turn helps togrow and strengthen the employee’s network. Proactively investing in your employees’networks is also a powerful recruitment andretention tool.


OUTCOME: Managers will learn how to coach their employees to leverage their profession networks to help solve key business challenges and to innovate. This interactive workshop and subsequent coaching sessions teach managers the fundamentals of network intelligence, as well as how to create smart policies that encourage their employees to engage their networks, including social media. This is a key strategy to attract, manage, and retain talentedemployees. Exercises and activities will teach attendees to:
•Identify key business challenges that could be solved through employee networks
•Find potential hires by using network intelligence.
•Expand professional networks by identifying individuals to connect with
•Tactfully make and request introductions through your network
•Encourage employees to share the competitive insightsthey learn via their network


Allied Talent partnered with us recently as we created our 2015 people strategy for the company. With a very flexible approach to our needs, Allied Talent was able to facilitate a great session for our global HR team. With practical and easy to understand exercises, we have taken the concepts from The Alliance and are making them part of our vocabulary and culture.

Kevin Gaugush

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