Bethenny And B Strong Aid Guatemala After Volcanic Disaster

BigSpeak exclusive speaker Bethenny Frankel is refocusing her time and resources from her Reality TV career to giving humanitarian aid in Guatemala. Through her program B Strong she is providing direct relief to those affected by the volcanic destruction.

B Strong began in response to the neglect of the victims of Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico. She established a rallying cry of #ThisIsACrisis to bring light to the devastation being overlooked by the American government.

Now she is recharging her power to help those in need in Guatemala. She has distributed supplies, food, water, and cash cards to those displaced and in need. With a heavy death toll and a startling number of missing people, she has resurfaced her hashtag #ThisIsACrisis.

All donations thus far have been converted into cash cards and given directly to the victims. Bethenny’s reach has gone global, proving no borders can divide humanity in a time of need. Help the victims of Guatemala alongside Bethenny by donating on the B Strong website.