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ELEVATE your team to the next level with advanced training, consulting and leadership development programs led by today’s preeminent business thought leaders.
BigSpeak Consulting works closely with you and your team to customize specific programs that increase learning and development. Together, we create and implement your company’s customized four-step plan that results in measurable transformation.

Learn More About Our Unique Process

  • Identify Current Challenges within Organization
  • Pinpoint Desired Solutions/End Goals
  • Assess Stakeholders
  • Diagnose Organizational Culture and Competencies
  • Evaluate Core Business Strategies with which to align program
  • Cover Past Learnings – what worked/what didn’t
  • Create Benchmarks as Drivers
  • Outline Scope of Work

Using a collaborative approach, we work closely with you to understand and identify the issues driving the need for change in your people and in your organization. This could stem from a company-wide strategy or align with a divisional tactic. In order to establish a shared vision and achieve success through our custom design, we must diagnose critical issues and create benchmarks from which to assign value to stages of the program.

Together, we identify who will be impacted by and benefit from the professional development program (even beyond the direct participants). Interviews with potential participants and senior executives may be required as part of the evaluation process to understand critical issues and spot new opportunities. We can target future promising leaders, with an eye for them in the design and overall efficacy of the professional development program.

  • Define Effective Strategy
  • Build Consensus
  • Pinpoint Expert(s) for Delivery
  • Define Timeframe for Delivery
  • Define Structure and Delivery Methodologies

Every program at BigSpeak Consulting is designed to fit the unique circumstances surrounding your professional development needs. Drawing from an array of approaches, together, we identify, create, and design the program that will work synergistically within your organization, establishing a work flow process to maximize results. While partnering together in close collaboration, we create an effective strategy from which to build the program, taking into consideration such things as:

  • Timeframe
  • Traditional approach vs. the use of leading edge technology or both
  • Group learning vs. mentoring/coaching or a mix
  • Budgetary and other parameters

We are the experts on the experts. We work with a network of more than five hundred educators, considered gurus in their field, along with their senior consulting partners. We help you pinpoint the expert(s) who will deliver a customized program to jumpstart winning results. With a flexible model of corporate education, our programs are created taking into consideration your set of criteria, unique circumstances, budgetary and time parameters.

  • Prepare the Educator(s)
  • Facilitate Customization
  • Delve Deeper into Corporate Challenges for Customization
  • Gather Materials
  • Oversee Conference Calls and Communications in Preparation
  • On-site Delivery

Your BigSpeak Consulting expert works closely with you to deliver the program custom designed to meet your needs. Our experts come to you, delivering at the venue of your choice. Because we are not in the business of filling our own classes and do not own any delivery facilities, our focus is to help you reach maximum results in the roll out of your program. We work collaboratively to facilitate your success.

Our aim is to jumpstart and accelerate the professional development of an elite group of highly motivated and practiced professionals in your organization, to launch solution focused results through action learning and leadership training whether the topic be innovation, sales, leadership, teams, transformation or wherever your particular challenge lies. We can help you formulate action plans from which to advance the learning to jumpstart growth and improvement from the project.

  • Gather Feedback
  • Review
  • Reflect
  • Redesign
  • Vertical Buy-In/Horizontal Alignment
  • Reinforce the Learning

Once the blueprint has been created, we’ll work with you to sustain and maximize winning initiatives from these professional develop practices within your organization.

Our programs can be revisited again, refined and redefined as needed, based on post-event feedback and results. The success of your professional development program can be repeated with different teams within your organization for an all-inclusive cross-alignment. Programs may also be repeated successively over a period of time to reinforce the learning and to accelerate positive growth. We can design scalable processes in the hierarchy of change to introduce others in your organization to the winning initiatives, new ideas, and processes via orientation, training, and conferences, to keep buy-in at the executive level or cohesion amongst the ranks. The program can also be tweaked where needed to realign with new corporate strategies and for maximum impact.

Sustain the development of your organizational culture and competency. Be proactive about reinforcing the growth, change, and learning by incorporating follow up webinars or additional coaching. Additional coaching has proven to vastly increase the benefits of professional development programs as outlined in this Olivero, Bane, Kopelman action research study: Training increased productivity by 22.4%, whereas additional ongoing coaching produced a productivity gain of 88%.

We’re your partner in the design of positive organizational change.

Change that sticks

Keynote programs provide the sizzle and have their place. However, a comprehensive learning program needs to embed new behaviors and thought processes into your corporate culture and hold people accountable to make certain that positive change sticks.


At BigSpeak Consulting, our experts partner with you to customize a learning program specifically designed to fit your needs. Together, we construct the path to success given the specific challenges you face, ensuring that the program will result in the required solutions, while aligning it with your core business strategies and budget. There is no mold into which any one organization fits. Partnering with BigSpeak Consulting gives you the edge, ensuring successful implementation of your corporate education which, in turn, will create positive, lasting change.


It can be mind boggling to sift through the labyrinth of learning possibilities and subject matter experts to those who don’t work with them daily. We do.

BigSpeak Consulting – The Experts on the Experts


The advantage of working with BigSpeak Consulting is that we are able to save you time and money. We take into consideration your learning objectives, business strategies, participants, past initiatives, and new goals to design a custom program. We are the experts on the experts. Whether you come to us with a preferred methodology or a particular subject matter expert in mind or not, we are poised to identify the right fit given topic, time, budget, and modality for delivery of the program.


Our learning architecture incorporates a four stage process. Let us help you create the most impactful program.


For close to twenty years, we have worked side by side with an international network of over five hundred experts along with their senior consulting partners. If there is someone on your short list who does not appear in our network, we can arrange access to them through our strategic partnerships. Having established personal relationships with experts worldwide and garnering intimate knowledge of their methodologies, we help you customize the most effective learning program while brokering the best deal.


Budgets for our corporate education programs typically range from $50,000 to $500,000 U.S., depending on variables including number of participants, length of program, and which experts are involved in the professional development program.


Programs may be delivered in a 1 to 2 day period (revisited and expanded upon as in monthly, quarterly, or annually), 3 to 4 days, a full week or more, or even a retreat. We design with your parameters in mind and actively feed ideas into the mix, having developed programs of all kinds. Results are highlighted in these case studies.



We specialize in turning corporate education objectives into major successes measured by the way improvement sticks.

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