BigSpeak Rocks the Vote Nationwide

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.” — Abraham Lincoln

BigSpeak is proud to say they did their part with 96% voter participation among staff.

BigSpeak Speakers Bureau is based in Southern California, but it’s staff are statewide and nationwide, voting in Northern California, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Texas.

You may have felt an overwhelming attention on voter turnout this year. In 2014 there was an all-time low voter turnout rate for midterm elections of 36.4%. The nation saw a 12.6% increase in voter turnout from the 2014 midterm elections to now.

BigSpeak conducted their own personal “rock the vote” campaign inside and outside of the office. While the campaign was unable to book Bono or Madonna for cool commercials, EVP Ken Sterling and the marketing department sent email reminders on voter registration and voting to the entire BigSpeak database of over 20,000 people nationwide.

Inside the office, BigSpeak President Barrett Cordero and executive staff sent personal encouragements to vote and arranged an open forum to discuss the ballot propositions at the Santa Barbara office. 

BigSpeak feels it’s important for everyone to make a choice in what they believe. Not only does BigSpeak allow time for voting, but they also offer employees two paid days to donate their time for charitable causes, and often participate in matching donations to charitable campaigns.