BigSpeak Welcomes New Exclusive and the Father of the “Subscription Economy” Tien Tzuo

BigSpeak’s newest exclusive speaker, Tien Tzuo, is the father of the “Subscription Economy,” He evangelized the shift from a product-based economy to a subscription-based model. Nowadays you can try everything through a subscription service with little commitment and the comfort of knowing you can cancel at any moment. Before you were fully consumed by the joys of subscription services Tien Tzuo was building an award-winning subscription management platform to revolutionize the way we make purchases.

After spending 10 years reworking our consumer economy Tzuo founded Zuora in 2007, an enterprise software company capable of powering any subscription-based company. Due to his cutting-edge technology, the term “Subscription Economy” was coined, referring to the turn of the century trend of renting on a subscription basis rather than buying and owning your product or service.

Before Zuora, Tzuo was one of the ‘original forces’ at Salesforce, joining as employee number 11. In his 9 years at Salesforce, Tzuo built its original billing system, later serving as chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer.

Tzuo authored the book Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future -and What to Do About it which serves as a guide for companies moving into the future of purchasing.

Tien speaks on…

  • The Subscription Economy: A Once in a Century Business Model Shift
  • Most Fortune 500 Companies are Built Wrong – Confronting Your WTF Moment
  • How to Survive the End of Ownership and Thrive with a Subscription Business Model: Common Traps to Avoid in Leading & Reinventing Your Company for the Subscription Economy
  • The Golden Age of Media – What Every Company Can Learn from Subscription Services