Bring Relaxation and Empowerment to Your Team with Aromatherapy

In case this past weekend wasn’t enough recuperation for your team, Social Entrepreneur and Advocate Barb Stegemann wants to help you relax. Barb’s latest venture during these tumultuous times has been aromatherapy classes and online sessions. 

The power of smell can take you back to easier times, empower you to move forward, give you a better night’s sleep and even energize your days. Our olfactory reaction to smell makes it a powerful tool in our subconscious day-to-day life. In Barb’s latest aromatherapy session she breaks down how to use the scents in her Peace Perfume collection to achieve different desired effects. While a comforting smell like Vanilla Woods sourced from Madagascar is crafted to reduce stress and calm anxiety, brighter scents like Blackberry Lily sourced from Hati, India, and Egypt, can strengthen confidence and inspire creativity. 

Aromatherapy can be individualized, so whatever your team is looking for they can achieve it through smell. With a guide like Barb, who is a professional in the field, you can help navigate your team through the challenges of COVID-19. 

The 7 Virtues Peace Perfume collection was founded as a response to the wartorn economy she saw overseas when her friend was wounded in the Iraqi war. By sourcing the oils for her perfume line from farmers recovering from war and political unrest, she brought dignity and jobs back to a broken system. 

Barb approaches COVID-19 with the same unconquerable spirit that birthed The 7 Virtues. From the hardship she and her friend experienced in Iraq, beauty was born. She wants to help you and your team through these uncertain times with the power of aromatherapy. 

Check out her live aromatherapy session with The 7 Virtues partner Sephora to get a glimpse of the ways Barb can transform your team with aromatherapy.