Motivational Speaker Coach Brian Holloway Scores a Touchdown at GIANT MARTIN

“Awesome” , “Inspirational”, “Visionary”, and “Passion” are just a few words resounding from the hum of the audience after Coach Brian Holloway’s recent keynote session at GIANT MARTIN.  Witnessing a good keynote speaker in action can be life changing, and America’s #1 Most Requested Motivational Team Builder, Brian Holloway, certainly left lasting impressions at GIANT MARTIN – a division of Giant Food Stores’ annual business event.  Here are some of the comments from the audience:

  • “The most inspirational speech I have ever heard and experienced. And I’ve been with GIANT MARTIN  for over 17 years.   You were the best ever and trust me,  I’ve seen them all.”
  • “When you walked off the stage and came down front to the audience,   you showed us a totally new way to engage people. You met us where we were.    It was so meaningful.   You instantly built a relationship with everyone.    I’m still trying to figure out how you did that.     That was the bigger GIANT MARTIN message inside the message.”
  • “I’m not a sports fan.   I’m more low key.   But what I experienced, I’ve never experienced before.   You changed my total outlook on what I do and who I am.  Thank you!”
  • “My head was in the sand.   What was I thinking!   I can raise my game.   I was spending all my time thinking about what’s wrong.   Today I will focus on what I can do to change the future forever.   I can do this.”
  • “I totally got your passion about helping GIANT MARTIN Win big.  Impressive. I took a lot of notes.  Thank you!”
  • “I totally did not expect this.   You’re not like the typical Sports guys. You were engaging.  You were funny.   This was important.  Wow!  A big thanks from the GIANT MARTIN family”
  • “We can learn a lot from you and your son.   You opened my eyes.   We are experiencing exactly what you spoke about — there’s so much to do.”
  • ” I’ve got the wake up call I needed.   I’ve been spending all my  energy managing people.   I’ve totally shifted my mind set to Coaching and mentoring.  It’s a big shift.  I totally get it.   I know what to do.    You’ve got to come back.”
  • “Awesome inspirational motivated me to go back and inspire  my team to greatness total market domination. I got this!  Thank you.”
  • “This was helpful because I realize I impact the lives of  others I come in contact with one way or another.”
  • “Very inspirational presentation your speech made me want  to become a better leader and motivated and inspired my team and work within my community.”
  • “Thanks for your reminder that I matter and the importance of the impact I have on others lives.”
  • “Fresh insight on what should be normal expected and consistent execution.”

Well done, Coach Brian, well done.