Communities in Pain – Here’s How You Can Get Involved

From BigSpeak President Barrett Cordero:

“George Floyd’s death is shaking our nation to the core and awakening us all to do better by our fellow humans. We owe it to the BigSpeak community to say it directly that our company condemns all forms of racism, from violent to casual to political.

Since our firm is a unique position of privilege and influence, we honor and respect our platform to be agents of change. BigSpeak’s purpose is Awakening Greatness Within and we are taking this opportunity to actualize meaningful action congruent with our values, the Black Lives Matter movement and to our communities.”

With that said, we ask you to join us:

  1. Immediate Action: Sign this Petition to Defund Police & Invest in Black Communities. If you can, please donate to Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, and/or National Bail Fund.
  2. Listen and Learn: The New York Times podcast 1619 is a great place to start learning about the beginnings of slavery in America. They have also compiled this Anti-Racist Reading List.

  3. Get Connected: Social media is a large part of many of our lives. Variety has compiled a list of anti-racist Social Media accounts to follow and learn from