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INNOVATION YOU WORKSHOP: Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved

Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved

  • Duration
    4 hours
  • Target Audience
    Business Professionals


Innovation You centers on creating an innovative organizational culture from the inside-out. It sets to enhance each person’s innovative skills by translating leading business innovation practices into personal approaches and creates the competencies and capacity to innovate in the workplace. Innovation You trains each member to be an innovation leader and champions in your organization, changing your organizational culture one group at a time.
Innovation You explains how innovation really works in a four step “creativizing” process, which is used to find opportunities and add creativity
to the workplace: (1) Set high quality targets, (2) Enlist deep and diverse domain expertise, (3) Take multiple shots on goal, and (4) Learn from experience and experiments. These simple but powerful four steps help you develop the blueprint for organizational practices that facilitate and reward innovation.


  • Use the Innovation You model to redefine your growth strategy and identify the organizational competencies and capabilities that are needed to support that strategy.
  • Identify the dominant innovation approach of your organization and the leadership approach of every individual team member.
  • Learn to develop the right innovation approach, create action plans to enhance that approach and develop a unique method to keep innovation front and center in your organization.
  • Learn the four “creativizer” steps to bring innovation into your organizational practices.


INNOVATION YOU is finally a book we all intuitively felt we needed but was
missing. For true innovation in our companies, we have to be willing to be
innovative in how we approach our personal and professional lives. They are
interconnected. Jeff's book combines his vast experience from the front lines
of innovation and the best thinking in the field and gives us a practical

Atul Dhir MD;Ph.D, CEO of Bipar Sciences (Sanofi Aventis)

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Learning Objectives

The Innovation You workshop is a one day program where you will learn:
•How to apply leading business innovation principles into your everyday work environment.
•The innovator’s tricks of the trade to get your project on track, gain momentum, and obtain support and resources.
•The four basic innovation approaches, how they fit in your organization and your interactions with other people, and how you can use them to achieve your goal.
•How to ascertain your own innovation approach, identify the most effective innovative approach for your project, and design a powerful hybrid approach optimized for your specific situation.
•The four “creativizing” steps, which bring your own brand of creativity to every aspect of your life and give you a framework to create organic innovative organizational practices.

Organizational Benefits

Instill a culture of innovation in your organization by scheduling a corporate workshop. In this one day workshop, you and your team will learn the four steps to put creativity into everyday practices, set innovation goals and put together a work plan to accomplish them.


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