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Certified Professional Innovator Program

  • Duration
    2 Days on site with 30 days pre-training and a final presentation
  • Target Audience
    Program Leaders, Professionals, Managers


This program is designed to develop highly practiced innovation leaders. It will provide the necessary tools and techniques to stimulate and manage innovation. Leaders will be given frameworks and methods for strategizing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions. The aim of the program is to provide leaders with the perspective and skill base necessary to manage breakthrough innovation-focused projects, people, and ventures.

This unique program consists of both an online component and a 2-day on-site boot camp. You will complete distance learning assignments and collaborate with peers in online communities of practice. Throughout the program you will develop, refine, and implement a customized plan to bring about a significant innovation initiative at your organization. Participants will spend an average of three hours per week on program activities when not on site.

Each segment of the program is designed to engage leaders in action based learning experiences and develop real expertise in innovation. In this rigorous, multi-media program, you will explore and master research-proven and real world-tested methods in a minimal amount of time.

Certified Professional Innovator Program — (PDF file)


  • Innovation Leadership Assessment
  • 14 instructional videos and self-paced modules about the fundamental innovation principles, method, and process (Examples below)
  • A CPI workbook for the 14 video modules
  • A two-day jumpstart boot camp where participants craft their innovation challenge and create an action plan to develop a solution
  • Bi-weekly group coaching and teleconference for 90 days after the boot camp to build on momentum, keep participants focused and projects moving along, and help participants develop a proof of concept/prototype
  • Final presentation and certification

Short Video Examples

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• Complete the online innovation leadership assessment
• Watch all 14 videos and complete downloadable modules
• Identify a suitable innovation focused project or initiative
• Develop a challenge statement for an innovation focused project or initiative

Required Materials

• Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams by Jeff DeGraff

• The Certified Professional Innovator: How to Create Innovation in Organizations
by Jeff DeGraff

Personas Who have Benefited from this program

• UX Architect, Apple
• Engineering Manager, Toyota Technical Center
• Senior Director (focused on product and marketing development, Honeywell Aerospace
• Faculty, UM Medical School (Translational Oncology Program)
• Director, Operational Excellence (focused on User Experience), Honeywell Aerospace


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