Dent the Universe With Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People

Are you looking for inspiration on how to dent the universe? Then wait no longer. There’s a new podcast in town aiming to shake up the way you see the world. Startup expert and chief evangelist at Canva, Guy Kawasaki has added his formidable thought leadership to the ranks of podcasters. 

Kawasaki first came to fame as the Chief Evangelist of Apple, even getting a mention in the 2015 film Steve Jobs. The film shows the article where Kawasaki predicted Jobs’ company Next was a way to get back into Apple. He was right.

Now, Kawasaki is applying his insight and intuition to look at how remarkable people operate. His podcasts feature people who changed how we view the world, such as his first guest conservationist Jane Goodall, or future guests like master of persuasion Robert Cialdini and Apple computer creator Steve Wozniak.

Kawasaki says “In tactical and practical ways, my podcast will help you change the world, dent the universe, and succeed against all odds.”

Check out the first episode of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People here, featuring Jane Goodall.