Ebook – The 8 Elements of Human Synergy


The 8 Elements of Human Synergy

by Robyn Benincasa

“Commitment starts when the fun stops.” 


For the last 20 years, Robyn and her teammates have been competing at the front of the pack in the most unique and compelling classrooms on earth: the jungles of Borneo, the Himalayan peaks of Tibet, the rivers of Fiji, the rainforests of Ecuador and the desert of Namibia.

They studied the good, the bad, and the not so pretty of extreme teamwork. They mastered the skills required to inspire a group of semi-exhausted people through a seemingly endless series of checkpoints while working against crazy deadlines in constantly changing conditions —all in pursuit of a huge, hairy, and audacious goal. Sounds a lot like your life as a business leader, right?

Who better to share strategies for becoming a World Class person while building a World Class Team?

Learn the 8 Elements of Human Synergy in Robyn Benincasa’s new Ebook. Download it today.

The 8 Elements of Human Synergy

Robyn Benincasa of Project Athena



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