Featured BigSpeak Keynote Speaker: Liz Wiseman

Top Leadership speaker Liz Wiseman was recently featured in Brigham Young University’s YouTube series BYU Speeches. “The Power of Not Knowing”, as Wiseman calls it, is an important tool for leaders. She argues that leaders need to come into situations not assuming they know everything. Moreover, asking pointed questions allow everyone to feel heard, and can lead to some great ideas along the way. 

A former employee at Oracle, Wiseman was given the task of creating Oracle University (a corporate university for training employees). Just 24 years old at the time, her intimidation was palpable. Just over a year later, Oracle University was rolled out in over 150 countries that Oracle conducted business in. Wiseman’s resilience and innovation are highlighted in her keynote speeches. Her preparation, knowledge, and energy are second to none and she is sure to inspire your organization. 

To watch Liz Wiseman’s full keynote in the BYU Speeches Series, click here

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