Finding Motivation in the Unlikeliest Places

From our darkest emotions to our greatest challenges, looking for motivation in unlikely places can produce profound results.

We all have excuses not to do something. Sometimes getting out of a slump and kicking yourself into gear requires inspiration, even from the strangest of places. While the best motivational speakers are a great resource, they are not always readily available. So where else can you find the drive to get moving?

From Within

When someone tells you to look deep within yourself, or that you have everything it takes, they may be misleading you. We are often more capable than we give ourselves credit for, but the well where we draw our determination is not necessarily full at the start. This is when searching some of your darker inner feelings can be most impactful, according to Elite Daily.

Fear, for example, can be a great motivator. Fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of commitment, they all create boundaries that limit our potential. Although we typically do everything in our power to avoid things that scare us, tapping into your fear can yield tremendous results. Staying present with and exploring those feelings can give great insight into what is truly driving you, and allows you to let go and unleash your willpower. Hiring a professional speaker, like Waldo Waldman, who addresses fear is a great catalyst for change.

There is no greater feeling than the accomplishment of overcoming a fear-driven obstacle, no matter the cause: insecurity, loneliness, or some other perceived danger. Just know that nothing is perfect and never will be, but your situation can always improve.


Speaking of improvement, did you know that failure can be a place to find the most profound inspiration? If you are one of the lucky few who is naturally driven by failure, you know it is. Keep up the good work and carry on. If you’re not, welcome to the party. Like fear, failure can stop us in our tracks, deflate us and take the wind out of our sails. It can cause us to question ourselves and our path.

But is that a bad thing? Failure can be overwhelming, true, but it also presents us an opportunity for improvement and for growth. It opens up new doors; perhaps doors we didn’t even know were there the whole time. Failure is undoubtedly scary, but when harnessed, it can catapult us to new heights. Learning how to put our failures to work can be a challenge made easier with leadership speakers.

Why This Road: Dan Portelance from Breakwater Studios Ltd. on Vimeo.

The Challenge

Sometimes, the challenge itself is all we need to drive us on. Part of the problem comes from perspective — from viewing a challenge as a negative, rather than what it truly is: a lesson, as Stanford explains. If you decide to face challenges knowing and searching for the valuable teachings it provides, your mental framework is immediately altered from a fearful state to one of potential.

This, then, opens up a new realm of possibilities, diverting your focus from the finish line to the process itself. Turning to the expertise of a speakers bureau to find the best motivational speaker for your needs is a great place to start.

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