Five Reasons You Should Use A Speakers Bureau to Book Your Next Virtual Keynote Speaker Headliner

Virtual keynote speaker headliners can make the difference between a must-see event and just another webinar. They bring big-name recognition and create excitement for your audience members. However, big names aren’t easy to book. You may have the money to pay your favorite movie star or famous athlete, but you probably don’t know their phone number, schedule, or how to reach their agent, right? That’s where speakers bureaus come in. And if you missed it before, here’s our video on “Why work with a Speakers’ Bureau.”

Speakers bureaus are experts at putting on keynote speaking events with your favorite A-List celebrities, movie stars, or famous athletes. Here are five reasons why you should contact a speakers bureau to book your next virtual keynote speaker.


1.Speakers bureaus act as your agent

Speakers bureaus are easy to work with. You can contact us directly, and we’ll answer the phone. We have a large database of contacts in the entertainment and sports industries. If we don’t know your favorite celeb personally, we often know who represents them—and those people will answer our phone calls.


2.Speakers bureaus can help find the right headliner

You might have a favorite celebrity in mind for your event. But what if that celebrity doesn’t do virtual events or they are booked for the day you have your event? No need to worry. 

Speakers bureaus have relationships with numerous celebrities and management agents. We can find you a great A-List keynote speaker who is just as good, or better, as your first choice.


3.Speakers bureaus act as your contractor

Celebrity event contracts can be complicated. (Remember that story about David Lee Roth of Van Halen and the brown M&Ms?). If you haven’t worked with a celebrity before, you probably aren’t familiar with what you can ask for, what they can deliver, or what a standard contract looks like 

Speakers bureaus have done hundreds—even thousands—of virtual keynote event contracts with big-name virtual keynote speakers. We know the right questions to ask and what’s standard so you can get a great deal with less fuss and anxiety on your end. 


4.Speakers bureaus handle all the red tape and finances

You may have the money to book an A-List keynote speaker but paying a celeb isn’t the same as tapping Venmo to pay your friend back for a pizza. Speakers bureaus can handle the financial side for both parties so the money ends up in the right place at the right time. We help you avoid any costly money mistakes so everyone ends up happy.


5.Speakers bureaus act as event coordinators

A-List keynote speaking events often need a higher level of attention to detail than your typical keynote speaking event. Celebrities want to look and sound their best to rise to the level of their audience’s expectations. 

Speakers bureaus have years of experience working with celebrities at virtual and in-person events. We know how to find film studios, camera operators, lighting specialists, sound experts, Q&A moderators, and more to help make your event look and sound spectacular.

If you want to book a celebrity, movie star, or famous athlete for your next keynote event, then reach out to a speakers bureau. Speakers bureau have the expertise, contacts, and experience to help you book an A-list celebrity and organize a great event.