From Invisible to Invincible with Top Empowerment Speaker Eliza VanCort

Eliza VanCort, Empowerment Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Emotional Intelligence Expert was recently featured in a People article that takes readers through her harrowing, yet uplifting personal story. 

After being abducted 3 times by her schizophrenic mother at the age of four and facing life threatening situations throughout, Eliza developed trauma response behaviors that stuck with her for years.

Throughout her youth and adolescence, Eliza recalls telling herself, “You have to be as quiet and small as you possibly can, if you want to survive.” 

While being invisible was once Eliza’s survival tactic, the behavior became restrictive, if not dangerous as she grew and faced new experiences. “I was a little girl, and I had long hair, and I hid from the world behind this curtain of hair,” Eliza said. 

To transcend to her greatest potential, Eliza learned to break free from her trauma by standing tall, raising her voice, and being heard. “I actually cracked the code of how to help people — women, specifically — step into their power,” said Eliza. The key is to claim space. 

Now, Eliza is the author of the #1 Bestselling book A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO CLAIMING SPACE: Stand Tall. Raise Your Voice. Be Heard. She touches lives as a top empowerment speaker, offering actionable, transformative tools for meaningful personal and social change.

Inspire and motivate your audience to overcome, unify, succeed, and become better communicators with Eliza’s captivating keynote speeches. 

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