Hispanics and the New Healthcare Business Model

Transform Your Organization to Serve the Demographic Shift



As the number of Hispanics continue to increase in the United States, there is a need for more Hispanic leaders and role models in all industries, but particularly in healthcare for three major reasons:

Professional healthcare is not necessarily something Hispanics were raised with or see the value in, and therefore they may not seek it out.

• In order to serve a diverse population of patients which is increasingly becoming a priority, there is an urgent need for a more diverse workforce to serve them.

• Given their culture and value system, Hispanic patients are unique and therefore must be treated as such.

On its website, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “recognizes a unique and compelling need to promote diversity in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social sciences research workforce.”

From family to physician, from research to bedside, and from treatment to cures, Hispanics will change the business of health. As such, there is an urgency for medical institutions to become more Hispanic centric across multiple areas; as they adapt to best serve this growing demographic.


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Representing 17% of the U.S. population (55 million people), our research indicates these are the following current Hispanic tension points that need to be addressed:

• Lack of targeted healthcare information for Hispanics                            • Not enough outreach from the medical to the Hispanic community

• Hispanics have a higher risk of preventable disease,                    • Low vaccination rates contributing to preventable diseases in Hispanics
injury and death

• Hispanics need to receive health information in a                                     • The obesity epidemic hit the Hispanic population fast and hard
more timely manner

Herein lies the opportunity for the healthcare industry including hospitals, research institutions, and professional associations to fully understand the mindset of the Hispanic patient and how best to serve them by tailoring its products, services, cures, and treatments to this community that will compromise 30% of the U.S population by 2050.


Designing an enterprise-wide Hispanic business model requires change management. We work collaboratively with the organization’s executives, physicians and conduct in-depth research, marketplace analysis and integrate our cultural characteristics framework, findings and analytics to carefully identify the most comprehensive  approach that will leverage your existing brand, community and patient services assets. We conduct numerous 1:1 interviews across all functional areas (human resources, diversity and inclusion, government relations, research and development, philanthropy, clinical, treatment, community outreach, corporate communications and C-suite executives) to identify existing best practices and areas for improvement.

Additionally, we work closely with your internal teams to build awareness and solve for the tension points in support of a newly-designed Hispanic business model and approach to serve the demographic shift. We train and communicate with staff members on the specific ways each department and functional area could implement and lead a customized culturally-relevant approach. Our proprietary leadership development programs provide high performance tools and resources for both Hispanic and non-Hispanic employees.

Beyond business strategy and talent development – we offer full-service public relations, marketing, branding, online (website) interactive and collateral development and design support.



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Based on our intellectual capital, experience in healthcare, and our extensive research, we can help your organization:

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HealthyHispanicLiving (HHL) was launched with the goal of developing a culturally-relevant content and communications platform to advance clinical care, research, prevention, education, mental health, financial well-being, nutrition, fitness and serve to enable healthcare outreach and education to the Latino community. HHL’s aim is to guide Hispanics to live healthier lives and to ensure preventive care engagement and accountability. HHL features physicians and healthcare thought-leaders that provide in-culture insights to real-life solutions and tools and resources to inspire individuals and families to be their own self advocates.


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