How to Ace the Virtual Meet And Greet With Your Favorite Celebrity

What’s the best way to master the virtual meet-and-greet with your favorite celebrity keynote speaker when you’re meeting virtually and not in person? In the pre-pandemic days, there were many agreed-upon conventions for the in-person meet-and-greet with movie stars and famous athletes. Guidelines dictated how much time you spent together, how your book was signed, to if you should shake hands or not—sometimes making the experience very impersonal. But virtual celebrity keynote events have changed all that.

Today you have more chances to interact meaningfully with your favorite celebrity keynote speaker than ever before. You can ask questions during the virtual Q&A, chat casually in a VIP green room, or get your close up at a fan meet-and-greet event. While you won’t get to meet face-to-face or snag a traditional selfie, you can still make the most of your interaction if you follow these five suggestions.


Follow the virtual keynote event rules

One of the best ways to ace your meet-and-greet is to follow the event’s guidelines for keynote speaker interactions. Event planners will often advertise when, where, and how you can interact with a celebrity during the virtual keynote event. You should 

  • Read the instructions and plan your time accordingly. 
  • Check if there are different rules for moderated Q&As vs. VIP greenrooms or fan meet-and-greets.


Come prepared

Your time with a celebrity keynote speaker will be short. A minute flies by faster than you think. So come prepared to 

  • Ask your most need-to-know questions.
  • Offer a quick compliment on their work (book, movie, sport).
  • Snap a screenshot of you together for posterity (hey, you do get to take a selfie). 


Practice several times

To make the best of your short time, practice before you meet. This is a great way to avoid any potentially embarrassing moments, like being tongue-tied or a computer malfunction at a crucial moment. Before the event, practice several times with a friend and 

  • State your question (or compliment) calmly and cooly several times.
  • Check your computer microphone sound levels (can you hear them and can they hear you).
  • Take several screenshots with a friend (so you know what to do before you get nervous).


Be respectful

When the time comes, be respectful. Celebrities are people too. No one wants to be addressed rudely or with too much familiarity by a person they have never met. To make the best of it, try to

  • Err on the side of showing too much respect. 
  • Address your favorite celeb with a title such as Mr., Ms., Dr. etc.


Share your interaction

If the rules allow it, share your interaction on the internet. Even celebs like to be name-checked on social media, especially if it’s a glowing compliment about a recent meet and greet. Remember to

  • Post a photo or compliment to your favorite social media site.
  • Tag the celebrity and the event (always give a shout out to the group that made your meeting possible).


If you observe this code of conduct when interacting with your favorite virtual celebrity keynote speaker, you’re bound to make a long-lasting and happy memory.