Learn How to Harness the Power of Constructive Conflict in the Workplace

What kind of leader are you? Are you more like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Tim Cook, or Jack Ma? That is to say, do you approach business like an artist, engineer, athlete, or sage?

Each of these entrepreneurs is a successful leader but each one succeeds with a different approach. While one is more of an idea person, the other uses more emotional intelligence. Their dominant mindset determines the way they lead, how they approach finding solutions, and how they interact in the workplace.

In a recent article “The Creative Power of Constructive Conflict,” the Dean of Innovation and keynote speaker Jeff DeGraff explains the four personality types and lays the groundwork for all leaders to adopt an ambidextrous mindset so they can engage in constructive conflict. Leaders who engage in constructive conflict are able to entertain diverse opinions (from mindsets different than their own), which leads to more innovative solutions for the organization.

To learn more about how to create constructive conflict in your own business, read the article by Jeff and Staney DeGraff.