Live Free Q & A Webinar: The Tour of Duty, the New Employer-Employee Relationship

1402094547Our exclusive speaker, Ben Casnocha will be participating in the “The Tour of Duty, the New Employer-Employee Relationship” Webinar this Thursday, January 29th, at 1:00 PST/ 4:00 EST

About the Webinar
Chris Yeh will take part in a free one hour Q & A webinar, hosted by Chip Joyce, CEO of Allied Talent, a Silicon Valley-based boutique consulting firm founded with the mission to help companies put the ideas in The Alliance to work.
If you have not read The Alliance, the webinar will provide a full overview of the concept of a Tour of Duty. If you have, you will find practical guidance for adapting its principles into action and developing “Transformational Tours of Duty” as quickly as possible.
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