Megan Rapinoe’s Cultural Impact

Megan Rapinoe is not just a game-changer in professional soccer, she’s a disruptor in the fight for equal rights. Alongside her teammates, she claimed her fourth FIFA World Cup title. Off the field, she is a motivational and inspirational activist leading the way for change across a multitude of issues. 

As the nation’s eyes fell on Rapinoe after the team’s victory, she used her stage to send a message of equality. She appreciated her teammates and everyone involved in their triumph but said, most importantly, she wants everyone to appreciate themselves and others. She hoped that her team’s diversity and wide array of races, sexualities, and appearances will inspire others to never put themselves in a box.

As a leader in the fight for women’s equal pay and gender equality, she is using her voice to make tangible change. Her message of loving more and hating less to create a more harmonious society is backed by her actions with the US Women’s Soccer Team in their fight for equality in their profession.  

She believes in women’s empowerment and advocates for women’s rights, such as eliminating the gender pay gap. Shortly before the World Cup kicked off, Rapinoe and her teammates sued the US Soccer Federation for a wage equal to the US Men’s Soccer Team under the notion that professional athletes should be compensated the same for their performance. While the US women’s team has taken home four titles, the men’s team has only ranked third—and that was in the 1930s. 

As a gay woman, her sexual orientation also plays a role in her outlook on the world of sports. She is proud to be a part of a league that supports gay rights and equality for all. Watching the acceptance of gays in the past few years within her sport has shown her the world is changing for the better. Megan is a phenomenal leader, inspiring us to stand up to hate and try to be our best selves with no shame.

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