Parag Khanna Talks About Global Connectivity and the Opportunities it Creates

“Connectivity is the reality”, global strategist Parag Khanna stated in his keynote address at CJ Affiliate’s annual CJU conference in Santa Barbara, CA. Connectivity describes the connections humans make with each other, whether they be physical (i.e., transportation) or digital (i.e., the internet). Globalization has helped facilitate the highest level of connectivity humans have ever experienced.

Global commerce is the fastest growing area of globalization, and within global commerce nothing is growing faster than the digital services trade (i.e., the rising value of data). As digital connectivity continues to increase, so will opportunities for global commerce.

World without borders

Khanna stressed we need to rethink the way we view the world. He uses alternative world maps because conventional maps depicting borders between nation states don’t do justice to the global level of connectivity we’re experiencing. The reality of the world is one that’s deeply connected beyond political borders. Understanding this enables understanding opportunities for global commerce.

One map he uses, called the Connectivity Atlas, displays the transportation, energy and communication infrastructures that unite the world. Another map he showed was a heat map that displays the distribution of humans across the globe, which stresses the importance of megacities. If you’re looking to find global opportunities, Khanna argues that cities and urban areas are the places to look—even more so than the totality of the nations they lie within.

Embrace globalization

Khanna encouraged embracing globalization as it will allow for greater connectivity. The more people who are connected, the more opportunity there is for global trade. A fully connected world allows for the full flourishing of supply and demand economics.

We’re experiencing a Global Connectivity Revolution, and according to Khanna, “the connectivity has just begun.” As connectivity levels continue to rise, business opportunities will develop as well. To make the most of available opportunities, it’s important we think globally, because as Khanna puts it, “we all need each other.”

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